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Types of Orders in Forex and the Stock Exchange

While some traders prefer to work with a financial advisor who invests on their behalf, other traders choose to take a 'do it yourself'...

An Entirely Innovative Approach to Forex Trading

If you are looking to find something different this is a good sign. You will do well in forex simply because you do not...

Do Forex/Stock Day Trading Strategies Apply to Cryptocurrencies?

The short answer to this question is yes, absolutely, however, you will need to adapt for it to be so. Let's dive into how. ①...

The Impact of Supply and Demand In the Forex Market

To become an expert in the field, any tennis player will have to learn how to yield the racket, move across the court, apply...

EFTA and Its Relationship to Forex Trading

Did you know that all four EFTA member states enjoy some of the highest price levels of all European countries, supported by high productivity...

Why Are Digitized Gold and Silver Perfect for Diversification?

Today, people have more and more investment options, from classics like gold and silver to recent innovations like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But there is one type of asset that has stood the test of time: precious metals. Here’s why what may seem like an old-school outdated product is still very interesting from the point of view of a young digital native investor.

Where Forex is Headed Over the Next 5 Years?

This is one of the most common questions people are asking the experts. Luckily no one knows for sure, otherwise, forex would not be...

Forex or Crypto Trading: Which is More Profitable?

Forex and Cryptocurrency markets are very popular. With both traders trade looking to profit from this, but in itself which market is the most profitable? While cryptocurrency is growing, it is quite volatile, even more than the Forex market which makes many wonder which option is the most profitable.

Trading Algorithms IX – RSI Failures System

Trading the naked RSI system depicted in this series's previous video as an overbought/oversold signal generator is too risky, and its long-term results questionable. The system is profitable only in sideways movements. Thus, a trending filter or a detrending step will be needed to avoid the numerous fake signals.

Is it Possible to Trade Forex on Sundays?

If you’re new to forex trading, you may be eager to trade as much as possible, or perhaps you’re trying to figure out a...

GBP/CAD Global Macro Analysis – Part 3

GBP/CAD Exogenous Analysis

How to Explain Why You’re Trading Forex to Your Spouse

If you’re currently married and you’ve just decided to take up forex trading or you’ve recently opened a trading account, you might have a...

Proof That Forex is Exactly the Earnings Opportunity You’ve Been Looking...

Have you been looking to add a little more money to your wallet lately? It’s true that there are several rumors going around about...

USD/JPY Double Top Pattern Set to Drive Selling – Signal Update! 

The USD/JPY pair is trading with a bullish bias at 104.350, and violation of this level is likely to lead the USD/JPY pair until the 104.745 level. On the lower side, the USD/JPY may find support at the 104.198 level. We can expect USDJPY to bounce off upon the 104.198 level today. On the 4 hour timeframe, the USDJPY pair is likely to close a doji candle below 104.368 level. If this happens, we may see a bearish correction in the USD/JPY pair. 

How To Use the ADX for Forex Day Trading

All that glitters is not gold, they say. The same often applies to everything that is popular. And, if nothing else, ADX is one...

The Evolution of Forex Trading

So much has happened since the 90s once the internet started to connect the world. The evolution sparked many new things that unfortunately attracted some of the dangers too. Yet, where there is danger there is a secret, an opportunity uncovered. 

Beginners – Analysis Feature of MT4 Helps You Fund A Trading...

Beginners How to save a profile in Metatrader MT4!

EUR/GBP Downward Channel to Provide Sell Opportunity! 

On the 4 hour timeframe, the EUR/GBP pair is trading with a selling bais at 0.8850 level, facing immediate support at 0.8825 level. On the lower side, the EUR/GBP pair may find support at 0.8825 area, whereas violation of this can extend selling bias until the 0.8782 mark. The MACD and RSI support a selling bias, along with a downward channel that we can see on the four hourly timeframes. Here's a trading plan for today...

USD/CAD Enters Overbought Zone – Quick Trade Idea! 

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.28019 after placing a high of 1.28224 and a low of 1.26851. Since January 11 on Wednesday, amid the US dollar's broad-based strength and declining crude oil prices, the currency pair rose to its highest. The US Dollar Index measures the greenback's value against the basket of six major currencies settled above 90.50 level and supported the US dollar. The US dollar gained traction in the market ahead of the US Federal Reserve monetary policy decision and its safe-haven status.

Trading System design -Creating Your Strategy with Tradingview’s Pine Script –...

In part 1 of this article series, we have created the Stochastic RSI indicator as part of our idea for a scalping strategy. Now that we have it functional, we will make the bull/bear phases and visually inspect whether it captures the turning market's turning points.

USDJPY: Be Ready for this Flag Pattern Breakout

The USDJPY pair presents the breakout of a flag pattern corresponding to the third wave of Subminuette degree identified in green, triggered after the flag pattern breakout observed in Wednesday 26th session. Examine with us what's next for the coming trading sessions.

AUD/USD Get Ready for Bullish Correction – Buy Signal Update! 

The AUD/USD pair was closed at 0.76630 after placing a high of 0.77636 and a low of 0.76432. The AUD/USD pair reversed its direction on Wednesday and started posting losses for the day due to rising US dollar demand and risk-averse market sentiment. The risk-sensitive Australian dollar suffered on Wednesday as the risk-off market environment started to emerge over the rising concerns of the negative impact of current lockdown restrictions in many nations. The total number of coronavirus cases worldwide reached 100 million and was rising day by day that raised global economic concerns despite the vaccine rollout. These concerns added to the risk-off market sentiment and weighed on the risk perceived Aussie that ultimately dragged the AUD.USD pair on the downside on Wednesday.

Daily F.X. Analysis, January 28 – Top Trade Setups In Forex...

Later today, the focus will remain on the German Prelim CPI and Advance GDP figures from the U.S. both of the events are expected to perform worse than before as the data represents the economic activity of the lockdown period. So most of it is already priced in. However, the U.S. Jobless claims will remain in the highlights, and these are expected to rise again, perhaps due to the second wave of COVID19 in the U.S.

Trading System design -Creating Your Strategy with Tradingview’s Pine Script –...

As promised, in this article, we will go through the steps to create a custom strategy, from the initial idea to the implementation of signals, stops, and targets.

AUD/USD Bearish Bias Continues – Sell Signal In Play!

The AUD/USD pair was closed at 0.77473 after placing a high of 0.77540 and a low of 0.76686. After placing losses for 2 consecutive sessions, AUD/USD pair rose on Tuesday amid the turnaround of risk appetite in the market sentiment. The risk-sensitive Australian dollar gained traction on Tuesday after the positive vaccine news took hold of the market. The European equities, US stocks, and Bond yields rose during European trading hours amid the risk appetite in the market driven by attesting vaccine developers' announcement.

NZD/USD Sell Signal Update – Quick Outlook! 

The NZDUD pair is trading at 0.7229 level, gaining immediate support around the 0.7224 mark. A bearish breakout of 0.7224 level can extend selling until 0.7214 and 0.7201. Conversely, a breakout of 0.7240 can lead the NZDUSD pair towards 0.7280.

USD/CAD Choppy Session Continues – Brace for a Breakout Trade! 

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.26954 after placing a high of 1.27823 and a low of 1.26897. After placing gains for three consecutive sessions, the USD/CAD pair dropped on Tuesday despite the broad-based US dollar strength and the declining crude oil prices. The USD/CAD pair rose in the first half of the day and posted gains; however, these gains could not live longer and started to close in the second half of the session on Tuesday. The market's mixed sentiment caused this downward momentum in the USD/CAD pair on the day.

USD/CAD Violates Upward Channel – Sell Signal Update!

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.27434 after placing a high of 1.27789 and a low of 1.26871. The USD/CAD pair continued its bullish movement for the 3rd consecutive session on Monday and reached above 1.27700 level amid the broad-based US dollar strength despite the risk-off market sentiment and the rising crude oil prices on the day.

How to Deal with Saturation of Sideway Market Movements

The market you are in is experiencing capital outflows, that is what is going on. Pull up your plan B. You noticed how the...

Daily F.X. Analysis, January 26 – Top Trade Setups In Forex...

Investor's eyes will stay on the Claimant Count Change and Unemployment Rate data from the U.K. as it's likely to drive market movements during the European session. Later on, the C.B. Consumer Confidence from the U.S. will focus on the New York session today.

Fundamentals of the British Pound

The British pound, whose use spans across more than 5000 years, is the oldest currency in the world. Originating from continental Europe under the...

Trading System design – A Summary of your Best Options to...

In our latest article, we have seen that manually backtesting our strategy is cumbersome if performed correctly. Also, It is usually subjected to errors and the interpretation of the trader. Therefore, a basic knowledge of trading algorithm development and computer coding is a desirable task for any trader. The good news is, nowadays, there are many easy ways to do it since high-level languages are very close to natural language.

Forex USD Forecast this week! Will It Drop Again?

40 Key Phrases About the World of Finance by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur, investor, writer, speaker, and motivational speaker of Japanese descent. He is the founder, CEO, and majority shareholder of...

Oversold USD/CHF Exhibiting a Bullish Correction 

The USD/CHF pair is trading bearish at 0.8862 level, and the continuation of an upward trend can extend buying trend until the next target level of 0.8874 level. So far, the pair has completed 38.2% Fibonacci retracement at 0.8874 level. Since the 10 & 20 periods, EMA supports bullish bias along with the MACD and RSI levels. On the higher side, a continuation of an upward trend can lead the USD/CHF pair towards the next target level of 0.8892. Check out a trading plan below: 

AUD/USD Sideways Trading Continues – Downward Channel in Play!

The AUD/USD pair was closed at 0.77101 after placing a high of 0.77696 and a low of 0.77017. After rising for three consecutive days, AUD/USD pair dropped on Friday as the US dollar was seen stronger on the week's ending day. As well, the rising demand for safe-haven and risk-off market sentiment also weighed on the AUD/USD pair.

Gold Closed 28 Pips – Brace for a Breakout Trade!

During Monday's Asian trading session, the yellow metal prices failed to maintain their overnight bullish streak. They edged lower around the $1,855 level mainly due to the risk-on market sentiment, which tends to weaken the safe-haven yellow-metal prices as investors continuing a retreat from the safe-haven asset after renewed progress in U.S. stimulus measures.

Daily F.X. Analysis, January 25 – Top Trade Setups In Forex...

On the news front, eyes will remain on the ECB President Lagarde Speaks and German Ifo Business Climate figures from the Eurozone. President Lagarde is due to participate in a virtual panel discussion titled "Restoring Economic Growth" at Davos 2021.

FOREX MT4 (meta trader 4) saving Templates!

Fundamentals of the United States Dollar (USD)

The safe-haven currency, the United States dollar, known under the ISO symbol of USD or nicknames such as dollar and greenback, has enjoyed a...

Forex Books Recommended by Professional Swing Traders

Everyone who ever desired to become successful trading in the forex market understood how relevant getting proper education is. At times, we may watch...

Five Questions Answered by Forex Mentors

Some statistics suggest that 90% of beginners lose the same percentage of their trading capital in the first 90 days of trading. As it appears, the odds of someone failing right from the start are staggeringly high, which is why a number of newbies decide to enter coaching programs. With a massive quantity of available information and websites where they rate various mentors, we cannot but wonder if this is the path we should be taking ourselves.