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Gold Trades Choppy Ahead of FOMC – Ascending Triangle in Play! 

During Wednesday's Asian trading session, the yellow metal prices extended its overnight buying bias and gathered some pace around the two-week tops above 1,960. The massive offered tone surrounding the greenback was seen as one of the major factors that helped the dollar-denominated commodity gold. However, the weaker tone around the U.S. dollar was mainly driven by the ongoing risk-on mood, which eventually undermined the safe-haven U.S. dollar. Besides, the U.S. dollar bearish bias could also be associated with traders' cautious mood ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Apart from this, the market trading sentiment was being supported by the news suggesting the AstraZeneca's restart of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine trials.

Fundamental Analysis For Novices! – Wholesale Inventories USA

What Are the Advantages of 1:1 Leverage in Forex Trading?

When it comes to leverage, you often see larger numbers being advertised, brokers trying to entice in new traders and new webers with the promise of sky-high leverage. In fact, the new standard of leverage being given by brokers these days is around the 500:1 level which would have been unheard of a few years ago. Some people, however, still swear by simply not using leverage, to use an account with a 1:1 leverage which basically means that you will be using your own money and only our own money, not borrowing from the broker at all. This does of course come with some advantages, advantages that we will be looking at in this article, so let’s jump in and see what the advantages of trading with a leverage of 1:1 are.

Don’t Let These Common Myths Keep You from Trading

There’s a lot of speculation out there when it comes to forex trading, especially coming from people that have never tried it before. Many...

What Does a FX Trader Really Need to Focus On to...

What factors do you assume to be the most impactful in the world of forex trading? Should traders focus on the technical tools more intensely than on their traits? Does one’s personality have a determining role in the development of a trading account? How do we measure our growth and what attitude is necessary to facilitate progress in the forex market? Along with these questions, today we will be discussing all areas traders need to focus on to be able to trade successfully.

Forex Misconceptions You Should Never Believe

Forex trading is shrouded in myths and misconceptions – some draw in traders, while others scare potential traders away for good. Unfortunately, it’s common...

Daily Market Update: Canadian CPI

  News Commentary   Canadian Inflation and retail sales numbers on Friday could fuel expectations of a rate hike if they point to strong readings. Inflation in Canada has been higher

Can I Become A Forex Trader?

Using Parabolic SAR With Dynamic Stops Losses

One of the best-known indicators in the Forex market is the Parabolic SAR indicator. This is because it tells us when the momentum is...

Free Forex Course Part 2 of 3 – Into The Hardcore... Into the Hardcore of Technical Analysis - Session two In session one, we spoke about one of the most common mistakes new traders make, which is to overload

Six Key Steps for Beginning Forex Traders

If you’re considering forex trading as a potential way to add to your income, you aren’t alone. More and more people have been opening...

AUD/USD Upward Channel Continues to Support Bullish Bias – What’s Next?

The AUD/USD pair was closed at 0.73570 after placing a high of 0.73742 and a low of 0.73533. The Australian dollar tried to rally during the early session on Thursday but gave back some of its gains and ended up losing. This week has been quite supportive to the riskier currencies like the Australian dollar and Aussie has been on its highest since September level due to the combination of vaccine news, the beginning of Joe Biden transition, and the weakness of the US dollar. Review is a well-known broker primarily offering Binary Options products and platforms. CFD trading is also offered with the MetaTrader 5 platform. Formerly it...

What Can FX Traders Learn From Alexander Kearns’ Death

Many of you may have heard of Alexander Kearns, but for those that have not, it is a sad situation where a young man,...

WTI Crude Oil Prices Jumped On US-Iran War Sentiment! 

Earlier today, the WTI crude oil prices hit the bullish track and climbed to 1.3% to $63.53, mainly after Iran attacked two United States airbases in the wake of U.S. airstrike that killed the Iranian general last week, flashing worries regarding the escalating conflict between the United States and Iran.

LGC London Capital Group Review

London Capital Group is a veteran broker doing business since 1996 and has grown into a multi-branch company regulated by 3 different authorities. In 2018 LCG got delisted from the London Stock exchange to become a privately held company, effectively detaching from the LGC Group Holdings. The main reason behind this step according to the press is to cut losses. LCG has 3 domains or website versions, and depending on the client country the regulation could be from CySEC, FCA or Securities Commission of Bahamas (SCB) for their international website. The registration will give you an option to select BHS, CySEC or FCA Account as all can be opened at the same time.

The Importance Of Strategy Testing

Creating a successful, consistent and profitable trading system is the aim of any forex trader, however, it can take years of experience and practice...

Dramatic Buying In Gold – Trump Inflict Sudden Tariff In Brazil,...

On Tuesday, gold prices were trading in a tight area of 1,462 - 1,452 as traders were mostly staying out of the market during the Asian and European sessions. All of a sudden, we noticed a dramatic buying trend in gold, which lead its prices towards 1,472 and even higher. Most of the buying came in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's action of slapping tariffs on Brazil and Argentina.

Daily F.X. Analysis, November 18 – Top Trade Setups In Forex...

On the news front, eyes will remain on the low and medium series impacts economic evens from U.K., Eurozone, and Canada. Its the CPI figures which are coming from all three major economies during European and the U.S. sessions. The U.K. and Eurozone Inflation reports are expected to remain neutral, with no major change expected, and these may have a muted impact on the market. However, the Canadian CPI is expected to perform slightly better, surging by 0.2% vs. -0.1% dip during the previous month. It may support Lonnie pairs today.

EUR/GBP Fails to Break Triple Bottom Support – Is Our Signal...

The EUR/GBP pair is trading at 0.9028 level, holding above the triple bottom support area of 0.9020 level. Overall, the EUR/GBP is trading with a bullish bias, both from fundamental and technical perspective. For instance, the headline IFO Business Climate Index was improving to 85.0 against 79.5 previously. While, the Current Assessment sub-index was arriving at 84.0 this month, while the IFO Expectations Index – indicating firms' projections for the next six months – is likely to come out at 87.0 in the reported month vs. 80.1 last.

U.S. Inflation Grows Firmly In June – Forex and Daily Update...

Fundamental Overview U.S. inflation grows firmly in June. Forex Trading Signals: The Consumer Price Index (YoY) in the United States in June reached the highest level in 6 years

Fundamentals of the Australian Dollar (AUD) and the New Zealand Dollar...

The two currencies, the Australian Dollar and the New Zealand Dollar are quite highly correlated, which is why this article will deal with them...

Chuangfu Yinghui Review

This is a Hong Kong-based broker that is dealing with Chinese clients only. It is a part of Chuangfu Yinghui Group. An interestingly named company, Mega Rich Global Financial Limited

Windsor Brokers Review

As a globally present firm that offers comprehensive trading services, many market participants will appreciate what Windsor Brokers has to offer. However, they do...

Understanding The Fibonacci Sequence

Introduction Fibonacci is probably the most famous tool for traders. In this article, we will explain its origin, how the more common levels are calculated, and how to use retracements

Let’s Discuss Segregated Accounts, Liquidity Providers, and ECN Accounts

All new Forex traders keep asking the same question: Where does the money go after a trader makes a deposit; is there any guarantee that that trader’s money will be returned to him and how is the profit generated? In this article, we will try to give you the answers to all this and familiarize you with the concept of "segregated accounts", "liquidity providers", "ECN-accounts", execution of "Immediate Market" orders, and more.

True4x Review

TRUE FOREX LTD is located and registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (24123 IBC 2017). This broker offers 5 different account types with...

HMS Markets Review

How to Trade with Short Squeezes and Short Sellers?

It is always wise to be aware of the market in general. You must be aware of new trends and adapt to changes in the market. Short Squeezes are undoubtedly one of the best opportunities to look for profitable ideas in 2020. Short sellers are like the new promoters of penny stocks, who sought to inflate the stock by deceiving people. Actually, they’re even better. The former promoters of penny stocks, with their advertisements, emails, and social media posts, were not as good at raising the price of shares as are these short sellers.

USD/CAD Sideways Channel Remains Intact – Brace to Trade Breakout! 

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.28179 after placing a high of 1.28332 and a low of 1.27691. The USD/CAD pair was choppy on Wednesday as it dropped to weekly lows in the early session but recovered all of its losses in the late session. The Bank of Canada released its interest rate decision on Wednesday that drove the USD/CAD pair lower in early trading hours. Later the crude oil prices and the strength of the US dollar pushed the pair higher on board.

Liirat Review

Liirat is a foreign change broker that is being very secretive, we say this as they do not give out any information about themselves, such as their country of origin or their current location or and regulations. The only information they do provide us is a little about their culture and the fact that they wish to focus on their integrity, global diversity, a dynamic work environment, to offer industry-leading customer services, innovation, learning and improvement and to provide a profitable environment.

USD/CAD Bounces off to test Resistance Level – Brace for Buy...

The USD/CAD currency pair failed to stop its previous session declining rally and took some further offers while refreshing 3-day lows, around the 1.3135 regions in the last hour. However, the sentiment around the currency pair was being pressured by the US dollar's selling tone. Hence, the broad-based US dollar weakness could be associated with the renewed optimism over a possible vaccine for the highly infectious coronavirus disease, which eventually forced investors to continue dumping the safe-haven greenback. 

EUR/JPY Trades In Bearish Channel – Quick Trade Setup!

Entry Price – Buy 121.16

Britannia Global Investments Review

Britannia Global Investments is one of the new rebrands and integration with Destek Markets, a former experienced Turkish broker. Britannia Global Investments is an...

FX Options Market Combined Volume Expiries for 28th July 2020

Thank you for visiting the Forex Academy FX Options market combined volume expiries section. Each day, where available, we will bring you notable maturities in FX Options of amounts of $100 million-plus, and where these large combined maturities at specified currency exchange rates often have a magnetic effect on price action, especially in the hours leading to their maturities, which happens daily at 10.00 AM Eastern time. This is because the big institutional players hedge their positions accordingly. Each option expiry should be considered 'in-play' with a good chance of a strike if labelled in red, still in play and a possible strike if labelled in orange and 'out of play' and an unlikely strike if labelled in blue, with regard to the likelihood of price action meeting the strike price at maturity.

Daily F.X. Analysis, July 27 – Top Trade Setups In Forex...

On the news side, eyes will remain on the German Business Climate, and the U.S. durable good as these have the potential to drive movement in the market gold and US-related pairs. Check out the trading plans below.

Everything You Need To Know About Assessing The Forex Market –...

[embed][/embed]     The following presentation is brought to you as a courtesy of forex Academy! This is part of our service courses on demand, if

Daily market update: Trump politics affect the dollar, BoJ may change...

  news commentary   The dollar continued lower today after US President Trump made comments on Friday about critical of Federal Reserve monetary policy. US presidents traditionally do not comment

Session 3.2 -Effective Market Analysis

Financial markets react to the flow of new information. Conducting proper analysis does not ask us to choose one form of analysis over the other, but simply to consider a

MIFX Review

MIFX (Monex Investindo Futures) is an Indonesian broker that offers to the trade of both Forex and Futures, the latter of which it is most renowned for, and especially so in Indonesia, where it was ranked highly. There is however some confusion in regards to their ‘Legality’ section at the footer of the website which insinuates this broker is regulated, however, if you read carefully you will see that it seems only a clever play on words, and they appear in fact to be under the governing body of ‘Commodity and Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI) and ‘members’ of BBJ and BKDI exchanges and a member of the KBI & Indonesia Clearing House futures clearing, which also offer similar services.

Partial Profit-taking and Decision-making

Traders on major charts such as the daily and the H4 often take partial profits and let the rest of the trade run to earn more profit. This is an effective way to earn more pips without any doubt. Yes, to do that, traders need to have good ideas about price action and enough experience to interpret the market’s language. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of partial profit-taking and a situation where traders to make a decision. Let us get started.

Weekly Market Update: RBA Rate Statement, EU Politics, US-China Conflict

News Commentary US Investors have been watching the May jobs report closely on Friday for any clues on future monetary policy as maximum employment is one of the Federal

5 Questions Every Forex Trader Should Ask Themselves

Each and every Forex trader needs to not only create a trading plan and select his or her strategies but also need to prepare...