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Forex Video Section This section delivers educational videos on Forex and cryptocurrency topics to the highest standard. we will cover one trading lesson per video starting with basic themes such as charting to more advanced and critical themes. Money management and position sizing, psychology, and trading system design are among the topics covered.

Session 6.2 -Capital Protection & Risk Management

We elaborate further on risk management, stops and trailing, and percentage trading. We close with a good introduction to a very important aspect of trading: psychology! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https

Retail Traders Expect a $15,000 Bitcoin Value By 2020 End!

Session 12.2 -Advanced Aspects of Fundamental Analysis

In the second part of this session on Advanced fundamentals we focus on the US Dollar, the Federal Reserve, interest rate differential and expectations; before highlighting some foundational aspects of

The Biggest Fundamental Events Analysis & Case Study

[embed][/embed] Hello, and welcome to this latest edition of courses on demand, brought to you by Forex dot Academy! In this course, we will be discussing

AUDUSD – Cycle Analysis and Forecast

AUDUSD - Cycle Analysis and Forecast The AUDUSD pair in daily chart is moving bearish as an A-B-C pattern, from the highest level reached on January 25 (0.81358 level).

Biden Shows His Cards – This Is How The Market Is...

Money and Monetary Policy

Introduction Coming from the Latin word that defined the Roman coin denarius. Money is, in general terms, the preferred means for the exchange (charge vs. payment) of goods and services

Forex Options Part 6 – Assessing options!

Psychology Trading Factor

Mind restrain” and “sticking to the plan” rules are the foundations of risk management. This course will show you how psychology is the primary conditioning factor when you trade. Also

USDCHF Sinks To Multi Year Lows Below 0.9000! What Should Be...

Monetary Policies in Open Economies

Abstract The central bank and the government have tools to accelerate the monetary policies or contract the economy such as the interest rate, public spending, the amount of money in

FED Monetary Policy Report

Monetary policy reports are the result of the studies carried out by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) showing how the United States economy behaves. With this report you can

Session 3.1 -Support, Resistance & Candlesticks

The Japanese candlestick approach is a methodology of recording prices developed in the rice markets in Japan in the 1700’s. It is a process that highlights the area between the

How to Trade Using the RSI

Introduction In 1978, J. Welles Wilder Jr published the Relative Strength Index (RSI) in the book "New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems." Wilder describes the RSI as "a tool which

Session 10.1 -Into the Hardcore of Technical Analysis

We start by exposing the prospects and limitation of the technical analysis methodology, as well as common tools-related errors that you should avoid. We then move on to the essential

Fundamental Analysis part 2 – How to Read the Markets

[embed][/embed] Hello, and welcome to this latest edition of courses on demand brought to you by Forex dot Academy in this course, we will be discussing

Fundamental Analysis For Novices! Housing Starts!

A Black Swan Event, No, It’s A Flock! – How To...

Is The Trend Really Your Friend?

Introduction In this document, we will discuss the principle of Trading with the trend.   We will dissect the “Trade with the trend” discussion in: What is a trend Methods traders

Support and Resistance

Lear how to identify support and resistance levels that truly matter, i.e., pivot points. This video will explain you useful techniques that will allow you to take advantage of these

Types of Trading Orders

Mastering the different types of trading orders means mastering timing irrespectively of current market conditions. This course will teach you how! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Session 1.2 -Objectives of Financial Markets

In the second part of this session we take you deeper into the types of market players and their agendas, as well as the existing markets, their pros and cons

Trading Price Momentum

Learn all about one of the most relevant price features: momentum. This will improve your decision-making process regarding the proper timing to close your positions [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""

Forex Analysis! What Next For The EURUSD!

Forex Forecast – Will We See A Rising Dollar As The...

Quantitative Easing in the Bank of England

The issue of the balance sheet has been discussed by a number of analysts since there is no consensus on what the appropriate size for the assets of the bank

Risk Management Part I

Learn the foundations of perhaps the most important pillar of successful trading: risk management. The first part of this course will take you one step closer to professional Trading. [video

Trading Price Momentum – Becoming A Forex Trader Trading Price Momentum One of the biggest keys to understanding how trading in the forex market works is to know how momentum affects price action. Traders need to

The Golden Rules of Trading III

We Told You So! Forex Black Swan Event – what Happens...

Changes in the Energy Model

 Abstract The current energy model is based on fossil fuels which can be extracted quickly and throughout history have been abundant resources on earth. But with an increase in

EUR/USD This Week’s Forecast!

What Caused The BTC/USD bull run collapse? How To Avoid Major...

How To Trade Ranging Markets – Maximise Your Forex Profits   Trading Ranging Markets A range-bound market is one in which price action bounces between a specific high and a specific low on a technical chart. The high

Session 13.1 -Market Correlations

You are now ready to incorporate one of the most useful tools available into your own trading method: market (price) correlation! In this session we explain what correlation is; its

Elliot Wave Theory

Elliot Wave counting is one of the most controversial tools used on technical analysis. In this course you will learn its pros and cons; as well as the foundations that

Session 1.2 -Professional Trading Course overview

A summary of what becoming a professional trader requires. Rest at ease, Forex Academy will guide you all the way! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Technical Analysis Defined – Using Past Price & Technical Tools To... Technical Analysis Defined Technical analysis is the study of historical exchange rate price action, which forex traders study in order to predict future price movement. Traders can look

Forex Black Swan! Look Out For The Signs Before It’s To...

How To Win More Forex Trades – Synchronised Indicators!

Fibonacci: Analysis of Common Errors

Analysis of errors There are certain common errors that traders can make when they are using the analysis of Fibonacci. The first most common mistake that is made when traders

Stress Test – Bank of England 2017

The Stress Test Report has been published annually since 2014. The report consists of taking certain variables such as unemployment, inflation, growth, among others, and evaluating what would happen to

Who Is Trading Forex – Know Your Enemy! Forex, so who’s trading? The Forex market has a daily turnover of around US$5.3 trillion! That’s around £4 trillion. This market has been growing exponentially. However, growth has

Leverage & Margin – Why You Keep Blowing Your Account   Leverage & Margin – Key Principles Of Forex There are two main ways that retail Forex traders are able to have enough financial capacity to access the