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EUR/USD Sideways Session Continues – Brace for Sell Position

The EUR/USD failed to stop its previous session losses and further offers around below the 1.1800 level. However, the bearish sentiment around the currency pair was boosted after the fresh downbeat released German ZEW headline numbers for October, showing that the Economic Sentiment Index came in at 56.1 against 73.0 expectations 77.4 last. This, in turn, undermined the sentiment around the shared currency and contributed to the currency pair losses. 

Gold Supported Over Symmetric Triangle Pattern – Quick Outlook! 

The yellow metal prices extended its Friday's winning streak and took bids around the $1,936 level, mostly due to the risk-off market sentiment. That was witnessed by the negative performance of the S&P 500 Futures. However, the reason for the downbeat trading sentiment could be associated with the worrisome headlines concerning Brexit and on-going tension between the U.S. and China. This, in turn, helped the gold prices to put safe-haven bids. In the meantime, the coronavirus (COVID-19) worries also keeps the market trading sentiment cautious.

USD/CAD Examines Double Bottom Support – Brace for Bullish Recovery! 

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.31273 after placing a high of 1.32036and a low of 1.31042. Overall the movement of the USD/CAD pair remained bearish throughout the day. The USD/CAD pair fell to its fifth day lowest level on Tuesday amid the broad-based US dollar weakness and the strong rebound in crude oil prices.

GBPAUD Shows a Bearish Failure


USD/CAD Violates Choppy Session – Bearish Setup in Play! 

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.30060 after placing a high of 1.30288 and a low of 1.29860. The currency pair USD/CAD rose to1.3030 level in the early trading session but failed to remain there and started to decline on the back of US dollar weakness and the rising crude oil prices on Wednesday.

AUD/USD Violates Bearish Flag – Bearish Bias Dominates!   

The AUD/USD pair was closed at 0.70685 after placing a high of 0.71144 and a low of 0.70685. Overall the movement of the AUD/USD pair remained bearish throughout the day. The AUD/USD pair extended its previous day's losses and dropped for the third consecutive day on Monday as the market sentiment soared after the reports from the US dampening hopes of a US COVID-19 stimulus deal.

EUR/USD Downward Channel in Play – Sell Signal Update!

The strength in the U.S. dollar also dragged the EUR/USD pair lower to the 1.2175 level. For the moment, the EUR/USD is gaining support at the 1.2175 level, and below this, it can dip further until the 1.2130 level. On the higher side, the pair may face resistance at the 1.2216 level. The RSI and MACD support bullish correction, and these may cause a bounce off in the EUR/USD pair until the 1.2216 level. Below 1.2216, we can again see a dip in EUR/USD.

Daily F.X. Analysis, July 01 – Top Trade Setups In Forex...

On the news front, the primary focus will stay on the ADP non-farm payroll figures, which are expected to be positive. If the actual data also comes out positive, we are going to see sharp selling in gold. Conversely, the negative data can drive selling the dollar and buying in gold.

Choppy Session in USD/CAD Continues – Traders Braces for a Breakout...

During Wednesday's early Asian trading session, the USD/CAD currency pair failed to stop its overnight losses and remain depressed around the 1.3030 level, mainly due to the broad-based U.S. dollar weakness. The prevalent downtrend in the U.S. dollar was mainly tied to the confidence over a potential vaccine for the extremely contagious coronavirus disease, which struggling to keep market trading sentiment positive. Moreover, President-elect Joe Biden faces difficulties from Donald Trump, which also weighs on the already weaker U.S. dollar. The reason for the declines in the currency pair could also be attributed to the fresh upward movement in the crude oil prices, which tend to underpin the commodity-linked currency the Loonie and contributes to the currency pair's losses. However, the crude oil prices were being supported by fresh released upbeat American Petroleum Institute (API) data. As of writing, the USD/CAD currency pair is currently trading at 1.3028 and consolidating in the range between 1.3024 - 1.3037.

USD/JPY Downward Channel In-Play – Quick Update on Signal! 

The USD/JPY stopped its previous-day bearish bias and picked up some bids around the 104.80 level, mainly after the downbeat prints of Japan's National Consumer Price Index (CPI) for August eventually undermined the Japanese yen currency and extended support to the currency pair. 

AUD/USD Failed To Gain Any Positive Traction – Double Bottom Supports! 

The AUD/USD failed to stop its early-day losing streak and dropped to 0.7213 level, mainly due to the broad-based U.S. dollar strength, backed by the stalled stimulus talk. Apart from this, the fears of a hard Brexit and surge in the coronavirus (COVID-19) fears from Europe keep challenging the market risk-on tone, which undermined the perceived risk currency Australian dollar and contributed to the currency pair gains. On the contary, the market risk-on sentiment, supported by the vaccine hopes helped the currency pair to limits its deeper losses. At the press time, the AUD/USD is trading at 0.7230 and consolidating in the range between 0.7213 - 0.7236. Moving on, the progress in the currency pair is expected to remain sluggish amid the U.S. holiday.

USD/CAD Triple Top Pattern Pressing Pair Lower – Sell Limit!

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.33921 after a high of 1.34178 and a low of 1.33322. Overall the movement of the USD/CAD pair remained bullish throughout the day. The currency pair USD/CAD posted gains on Friday amid the US dollar's broad-based strength and the declining crude oil prices. The USD/CAD pair posted the biggest weekly gain on Friday since March as the US dollar gained its safe-haven status back.

EUR/USD Regression Channel Continues to Drive Selling – Update on Signal! 

The EUR/USD pair was closed at 1.16445 after placing a high of 1.17041 and a low of 1.16398. The EUR/USD pair extended its losses for the 5th consecutive day on Friday and remained bearish throughout the day. The main driver behind the steepest fall in Euro currency this week was the market concerns about the rising number of coronavirus infections in Europe and the effects of the social distancing measures to curb them. 

USD/CAD Bearish Bias Continues – Traders Brace for Selling Trade! 

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.27513 after placing a high of 1.28269 and a low of 1.27493. The currency pair USD/CAD extended its losses on Wednesday for the 3rd consecutive day amid the US dollar's weakness and rising crude oil prices. The bearish momentum surrounding the currency pair USD/CAD remained intact due to the unbeatable selling pressure around the greenback and a stronger Canadian dollar on the back of rising crude oil prices amid the improved risk sentiment in the market.

USD/CAD Managed to Extend Its Previous Session Modest Gains

During Tuesday's early Asian trading session, the USD/CAD currency pair managed to extend its previous session modest gains and remain well bid around closer to 1.3200 level due to the declines in the crude oil prices, which tend to undermine the commodity-linked currency the Loonie and helps the currency pair to put the fresh bids during the early Asian session. 

AUD/USD Upward Channel Supports – Choppy Session in Play!

The AUD/USD was closed at 0.72998 after placing a high of 0.73393 and a low of 0.72887. After placing gains for two consecutive days, the AUD/USD pair was declined on Tuesday amid the risk-off market sentiment. On Tuesday, the Assistant Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia, Dr. Kent, said that the Aussie's recent rise was due to the optimistic news of the coronavirus vaccine rather than about the US Presidential election outcome. He said that any positive news about vaccine development would be a good thing for the global economy, including the Australian economy.

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Gold on a Bullish Run Amid Safe Haven Appeal – Update...

During Friday's early Asian trading session, the safe-haven-metal prices still consolidate into the overnight confined range around the 1,725 level, mainly due to mixed trading sentiment in the market. However, the bullish trend in the yellow-metal remains as long as it trades above the $1700 level. The prices of gold dropped sharply yesterday from the high of 1738, mainly after the upbeat U.S. data and positive reports from China that they overcame the coronavirus outbreak. 

USD/CAD Forms Descending Triangle Pattern – Brace for a Breakout Setup! 

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.26879 after placing a high of 1.27334 and a low of 1.26633. The USD/CAD pair rose on Thursday due to a strong rebound of the US dollar and Canada's negative economic data.

USD/CAD Breaking Below Double Bottom Support – Quick Outlook! 

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.32564 after placing a highof1.33404 and a low of 1.32548. The USD/CAD pair dropped and removed all of its previous day's gains on Wednesday amid broad-based U.S. dollar weakness and increasing crude oil prices. The U.S. dollar weakness was due to Trump's latest U-turn on Wednesday's previous day's statement. The U.S. President Donald Trump backed his statement of halting the negotiations with Democrats because of continuous disagreement between both parties over the stimulus measure's size. However, a day after that, Trump again called for more aid to Americans from U.S. congress as airlines and other small businesses were facing huge crises. 

AUD/USD Ascending Triangle Pattern – Brace for Buying! 

The AUD/USD pair was closed at 0.75571 after placing a high of 0.75712 and a low of 0.75070. The currency pair AUD/USD rose on Tuesday amid the broad-based US dollar weakness and the RBA meeting minutes from the December meeting.

AUD/JPY Triple Top Pattern Offering Sell Trade – Quick Update! 

During Wednesday's Asian trading session, the AUD/JPY currency pair failed to halt its modest bearish moves and remained depressed near below the 77.00 level due to Australia's downbeat housing data, which tends to undermine the Australian dollar and contribute to the currency pair declines. Apart from this, the reason for the currency pair's losses could also be attributed to the prevalent Brexit risks and trade tussles between China and the West, which keep challenging the upbeat market mood and undermining the perceived riskier Australian dollar. 

U.S. Session Trade Setup – Crude Oil on Bullish Run Amid...

The U.S. WTI crude oil futures continue to advance at $24.39 a barrel in the wake of optimization around the market sentiment and weaker U.S. dollar. Besides this, the latest report about the slowdown in inventories at Cushing since mid-March also continues to support crude oil prices.

USD/JPY Takes Dip Amid Downward Channel – Brace for Selling! 

During the Europen session, the USD/JPY continues trading lower amid a downward channel at 102.298 level. The USD/JPY pair moved in a bearish direction and posted big losses on Tuesday. The USD/JPY pair was down on Tuesday amid the broad-based U.S. dollar weakness along with the rising risk-averse market sentiment on the back of fresh tensions between the U.S. and China. The safe-haven appeal was also supported by the rising number of coronavirus cases and lockdowns that drove the stock market on the downside and weighed on the USD/JPY pair as well.

GBPJPY Expects Further Upsides


GBP/USD Trades Choppy – Brexit Woes and National Lockdown Hits! 

Today in the European trading hours, the GBP/USD currency pair managed to stop its previous session bearish moves and took bids around closer to the 1.2900 level. However, the bullish trend around the currency pair could be associated with the weaker U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar lost its early-day gains as the market trading sentiment turned positive, which trimmed the U.S. dollar's safe-haven bids and contributed to the currency pair gains. 

USD/CAD Bearish Engulfing Continues to Drive Selling! 

During the early European trading session, the USD/CAD currency pair failed to stop its previous day bearish run-up and dropped to 1.3570 from the 1.3617 level, mainly due to the broad-based U.S. dollar weakness backed by the risk-on market sentiment. As well as, the reason for the pair declined could also be attributed to the upticks in crude oil, which underpinned the commodity-linked currency the loonie and contributed to the pairs declines. 

EUR/JPY Slips Below Descending Triangle – Quick Update on Signal! 

The EUR/JPY is trading bearish at 116.450, having violated the support level of 116.600 level. Holding below this strong resistance can extend selling bias until 115.650 areas in the coming days. It's the COVID 19, which is consistently impacting the exchange rate of the EUR/JPY pair. 

USD/CAD Fakesout Hitting Our Stop Loss – What’s Next?

During Tuesday's early European trading session, the USD/CAD currency pair failed to stop its Asian session losing streak and dropped further below the 1.3400 level mainly due to the U.S. dollar weakness that was triggered by gloomy U.S. economic outlook and witnessed by the Job losses in the U.S. manufacturing sector. The weaker oil prices due to the continuous surge in COVID-19 cases, US-China on-going war, and OPEC Production Boosts undermined the commodity-linked currency the loonie, which helped the currency pair to limit its deeper losses. At this particular time, the USD/CAD is trading at 1.3384 and consolidating in the range between 1.3358 - 1.3405.

USD/JPY Violates Triple Bottom – Sell Signal Update! 

The USD/JPY continues to trade sideways in between a wide trading range of 104.340 – 103.560. The USD/JPY has formed a sideways channel on the 4-hour timeframe, and it has the chance of leading the pair towards the next resistance level of 104.800 upon the breakout of 104.810. The 50 periods EMA supports the bullish trend, and we may have odds of taking a buying trade over the 103.570 level today. Good luck! 

Gold: Moving South Below the 50-Period SMA

XAUUSD had a bounce off its lows that began on Jun 15 at 13:00 the bounce re3ached the $1730 level and began to move sideways, making lower lows. The last interaction made an evening star with a large bearish candlestick. We think this is a good short setup to scalp with a target at the current 200-hour SMA for a nice and fast reward. The R/r factor is just 1 but the odds of the pair going south are very high, which makes the trade appealing. We see also that the Stochastics made a crossover to near the middle of the range, suggesting an increased bearish momentum.

USD/CHF Failed to Extend Previous Session Gains – Downward Channel In...

Today in the European trading session, the USD/CHF currency pair stopped its previous session bullish momentum. They edged lower below the 0.9150 level, mainly due to the risk-off market sentiment, triggered by lack of additional U.S. fiscal stimulus and the US-China tussle, which eventually underpinned the safe-haven Swiss franc and kept the currency pair under pressure. Moreover, the market trading sentiment was further pressured by the downbeat reports that Johnson & Johnson paused the coronavirus vaccine trails, which also burdened the currency pair. 

USD/JPY Taking Mild Bids Despite Upbeat Tokyo CPI Data!

USD/JPY Taking Mild Bids Despite Upbeat Tokyo CPI Data!

AUD/USD Supported By Upward Channel – Brace for a Buy Trade! 

The AUD/USD closed at 0.73723 after placing a high of 0.73731 and a low of 0.73393. The increasing risk sentiment in the market due to vaccine hopes they raised the risk-sensitive Aussie in the market and supported the AUD/USD pair's upward momentum. Another factor involved in the rising AUD/USD prices on Tuesday as the US dollar's weakness.

AUD/USD Violates Upward Channel – Brace for a Buying Trade 

The AUD/USD pair was closed at 0.75350 after placing a high of 0.75296 and a low of 0.74254. The Australian Dollar rose to its highest level in two and a half year as investors started to bet on a successful vaccine roll-out and improving global growth. The risk-sensitive Aussie gained as much as 0.8% on Thursday and rose to its highest since June 2018 as the market's risk sentiment improved. The pair AUD/USD has gained about 6.8% this year as a rebound in China's economy has boosted China-proxy Australian Dollar demand.

EUR/JPY Breaks Below Descending Triangle – Brace for Selling! 

The EUR/JPY failed to extend its early-day bearish moves and rose well above 119.820 support levels, mainly due to bullish correction. It seems like a sharp rise in the coronavirus cases in Europe and on-going tensions between the EU-US undermined the shared currency and kept a lid on any additional gains in the pair, at least for now. Currently, the EUR/JPY trading at 120, holding right below an immediate resistance level of 120.193. However, the hopes of the European Union (E.U.) Recovery Fund deal kept the positive tone around EUR/JPY pair high.

USD/JPY Violates Bearish Flag – Buckle up for a Sell Signal! 

The USD/JPY pair is trading sharply bearish after violating the bearish flag at the 104.680 level. Below this level, we may have more selling trade opportunities. The USD/JPY pair traded with a positive note during the whole Thursday session after a goodish pickup in the U.S. dollar demand. The rebounded U.S. dollar helped currency pair USD/JPY to gain positive traction and move away from the six-week lowest level it touched on Wednesday.

GBP/JPY Supports Over Upward Trendline – 138.600 Level Eyed! 

During the Friday's European trading session, the GBP/JPY extended its previous session losing streak and dropped below the 138.600 marks mainly due to the risk-off market sentiment, triggered by the multiple worsening headlines like dismal U.S. jobs data and US-Iran tussle. This eventually underpinned the safe-haven Japanese yen currency and contributed to the pair declines.