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Bitcoin: Entry on Consolidation.

Bitcoin had a sharp reversal movement early morning today. This movement is creating an engulfing candle in the daily chart. The hourly chart shows a  complex reversal formation followed by a large bullish candle which creates a morning star figure on strong volume.

Gold Bullish Bias Continues to Dominate – Brace for a Buying...

Gold is on a bullish run as it's the pricing has soared to 1,730 level in the wake of increased safe-haven appeal in the market. The U.S. government bond prices increased, pressing the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury yield down to 0.637% from 0.751% Tuesday.


This is a USD CAD short trade where the price action has formed a V shaped reversal and where a modest stop loss is incorporated to lower the risk.

EUR/JPY Violates Descending Triangle Pattern – An Update on Signal! 

The EUR/JPY is trading with a bearish bias around 117.150, holding below strong support to become a resistance level of 117.350, which is extended by the descending triangle pattern.  

Bitcoin breaking the 6,800 Level

The setup

Bullish Bias in Gold Continues to Dominate – Who’s up for...

On Tuesday, the precious metal gold continues to trade higher around 1,730 area in the wake of increased safe-haven appeal driven by COVID 19. Furthermore, the early-day upbeat remarks from the U.S. Task Force Briefings, news from the U.K. also recommend the coronavirus (COVID-19) is near to its expected high's. The same could negatively influence the gold's safe-haven appeal that has lately fired the bullion to the highest since November 2012.

AUD/USD Ascending Triangle Breaksout– Time to Go Long! 

The AUD/USD surged 1.1% to a three-week high of 0.6237 as positive news regarding COVID 19 from china is motivating investors fo buy Aussie. The AUD/USD currency pair instantly gained around 30-35 pips from daily lows and is currently placed in the neutral territory, around the 0.6230 regions as the market attention now turns to the U.S. macro releases.

AUD/USD Violates Ascending Triangle – Let’s Enter on Retracement 

The AUD/USD pair is trading with a bullish bias on Wednesday, soaring from 0.6190 to 0.6220. Bullish bias in Aussie triggered over a better coronavirus scenario in China, especially after China lifted Wuhan city's lockdown. Australia's parliament passed an emergency A$130 billion stimulus package to combat the economy from the coronavirus pandemic, which is helping limit deeper declines and keep the pair above 0.6190 support.


USDJPY Buy Stop Pending Order

NZD/USD Breakout of Symmetric Triangle Pattern – Who’s Up to Go...

The NZD/USD currency pair is trading slightly bullish around 0.5990, having violated the symmetric triangle pattern, which is likely to drive the bullish trend in the pair. The New Zealand Dollars proceeded to outperform as risk appetite gained on expectation that the spread of the novel coronavirus in the United States and Europe could be reduced, though an outbreak in Japan worsened. 

EUR/CHF Descending Triangle Pattern – Time to Place a Sell Limit!  

The EUR/CHF is facing strong resistance around 1.05730, which is mostly extended by a downward trendline on the 4-hour timeframe. The 50 periods EMA is keeping the EUR/CHF pair around 1.0578. The Euro as a signal currency is still staying bearish in the wake of an increased number of COVID 19 cases around the globe.  

EUR/JPY’s Double Top Pattern – Is It Going to Help Sellers? 

The EUR/JPY is trading at 117.150, holding mostly below a strong resistance level of 117.350, which is extended by the double top pattern. On the 4 hour timeframe, EUR/JPY may find a hard time breaking above 117.350 resistance due to an increased level of uncertainty and safe-haven appeal in the market. Alongside, a series of weaker than expected services PMI figures from the Eurozone may weigh on the EUR/JPY currency pair.

USDSEK- Consolidation

01 USDSEK Daily chart price consolidation 

USD/CHF Ascending Triangle Drives Price Action -Who’s Up for Signal?

During the U.S. session, the USD/CHF pair is exhibiting some dramatic bullish movement as it's prices are trading at 0.9745. What's more surprising is, the U.S. unemployment claims figures are even worse than economists had expected, despite this, the U.S. dollar is gaining bullish momentum.

Bear Continues its Domination

Chart EUR/JPY H1 Chart

EUR/JPY Heading South to Examine Double Bottom – Buy Limit In...

The EUR/JPY is trading bearish, falling from 118.650 to 117 area in the wake of stronger Japanese yen and weaker Euro. On the fundamental's front, most of the news is anti-Euro, and it's likely to drive the selling trend in the Euro. 

USD/JPY Bearish Price Action – Is It Heading for 107.450?

The USD/JPY has violated the horizontal support level of 108.300, which can ve seen on the 4-hour chart. Closing of candles below this level may extend selling bias until 107.450 as the demand for safe-haven assets remains solid. 

Double Top for Cable

This is a Double top formation in the cable pair, where price action hit the key 1.2300 area on two occasions and where the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. 

GBP/USD Breaks over Double Top Pattern – Buckle Up for Buying

The GBP/USD trades bullish around 1.2030 in the wake of less dovish than expected monetary policy decisions. The central bank left the interest rate unchanged at 0.10%. However, it has warned that the measure and term of the economic collapse arising from the coronavirus pandemic will be "wide and dramatic but should eventually prove short-lived."

GBP/JPY to Gain Support Over Upward Trendline – Buying Limit!

The Japanese cross currency pair GBP/JPY has dropped to trade at 130.300 as investors are moving towards safe-haven assets such as gold and Japanese yen. At the same time, traders seem to cash out from Sterling, causing it to tumble to its lowest level on record versus the currencies of the United Kingdom's major trading partners.


This is a classic head and shoulders pattern where the neckline has been breached and we expect price to fall to our target line which is a previous line of support.

USDCAD – Watch this Key Support


Upward Trendline Supports the EUR/USD – Who’s Up for Buying?

The EUR/USD is showing sideways trading in between the narrow trading range of 1.0885 - 1.0770. On the hourly chart, the EUR/USD has formed an upward channel, which is a key setup right now. If the EUR/USD manages to break below 1.0775 area, we may see further selling in the pair until the next support level of 1.0720. Conversely, the closing of candles above 1.0770 can drive a bullish trend until 1.0850 and even higher towards 1.0885. 

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AUDJPY Bounces from the Lowest Level Since 2009

The AUDJPY cross, in its hourly chart, shows the bounce reaction that the price made once the cross touched level 59.869 being the lowest level since early March 2009.

USD/JPY Testing Lower Edge of Bullish Channel – Can We Expect...

The USD/JPY currency pair traded bullish to hit the three-months high at 108.94 before declining to 108.40. As of writing, the USD/JPY currency pair is trading near the 108.40s and

Gold Steady Below 50 EMA – Brace for a Breakout! 

Gold prices trade sideways in a narrow trading range of 1,495 - 1,490 as expectations of improvement in U.S-China trade discussions were moderated and ahead of a summit

Gold Surge Amid Boosted Haven Appeal – Trade War In Focus!

 Today in the early European session, the safe-haven metal prices slipped due to less expectation of the rate cut by the Federal Reserve. Earlier today, the U.S. Gold was

Choppy Sessions in Gold – Brace for a Quick Breakout!

The safe-haven metal gold prices consolidate in the narrow range of $1,508.60 and $1,497 at the start of this week. The lack of volatility in the market was

Bullish Gold Heads for 61.8% Retracement – Weaker Dollar In Play! 

On Wednesday, the precious metal gold expanded after softer-than-expected U.S. economic figures which hiked concerns about global economic growth. Alongside this, it also raised chances of additional interest rate reductions

Gold Loses Safe Haven, Can Triple Bottom Underpins? 

What's happening on Gold? On Monday, the yellow metal gold prices were headed distinctly lower, slipping beneath a psychologically vital level at $1,500 on the last trading day of