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This section holds our Forex Educational library: Our trading library consists of a collection of the most excellent educational articles written by our top market experts. It is primarily focused on those subscribers who aim at initiating or consolidating a professional trading career; that is, for people who take trading seriously. It is our mission to continually enrich our library over time, as well to cover all sorts of useful topics, from foundational to the most advanced ones. We have separate sections for Advanced Forex Education, beginners Forex Education, A daily Forex Topic and a Complete Forex Course.

Perfecting The Fibonacci Retracements Trading Strategy

Introduction The Fibonacci tool was developed by Leonardo Pisano, who was born in 1175 AD in Italy. Pisano was one of the greatest mathematicians of the middle ages. He brought

How Much Money Should I Risk On Forex Trading?

Novice traders are often surprised to learn that when it comes to being profitable in the long run, controlling risk is as fundamental as...

The ATR Indicator and Volatility in Trading

Have you ever considered how to use volatility in your trading? How to apply some filters according to their behavior? The ATR indicator can...

26. Margin Terminologies – Unrealized P/L and Realized P/L

Introduction In the previous lesson, the concept of balance was discussed. And in this lesson, two more terms shall be opened up, namely, unrealized P/L and realized P/L. First up

Long Shadow in Breakout Confirmation Candle

In price action trading, breakout, as well as confirmation candle’s attributes, plays a significant role. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of how upper/lower shadow of a breakout confirmation candle plays a role to offer us entry. Let us get started.
K-Cross Strategy Bearish Entry

Ichimoku Strategy #2 – K-Cross, The Day Trading Strategy

The Kijun-Sen Crossover (Crossunder) Strategy is the second in my series over Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. There are two trades setups provided for the long and short side of a market.

Meet the Steve Jobs of the Forex Industry

Traders that make money are rare. Traders that become famous have a unique advantage few can actually replicate. Listening to what they do when...

How Does Trading Forex Differ From Trading Stocks?

Many people think of trading as a giant single entity that comprises Forex, Indices, Metals, Stocks, and more, when in reality each of the elements within the idea of trading is completely separate. Forex and stocks as an example are often thrown into the same bucket, but there are a lot of differences between them. In fact, the only similarity between them is that you are buying or selling them, pretty much that is it, everything else has differences. Some differences are large, others are quite small, but they are there. We are going to be looking at the differences between trading forex and trading stocks, there are a lot so we may not go over all of them, but you will surely get the idea that they are quite different beasts.

Structure of the Global Financial Market

What is the global financial market and what comprises its structure? Who participates in the financial market, what is its interaction, and how does...

Forex Robots: Are they Money Making Machines?

If you have always wanted a robot to clean your house or take your dog for a walk, you would understand how attractive a...

Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance One of the fundamentals of Technical Analysis is the theory and methodology of support and resistance. In a odd turn of events, some of the most advanced

How to Correctly Deal With Forex Losses

For most traders, the toughest aspect of trading in Forex is dealing with financial losses. It’s not just a matter of pain and anguish,...

Women in the World of Forex

In this article, everything is based on an opinion, experience, conversation, and basic research by people that work professionally as traders on forex. It...

The Active Trader Pro Forex Platform

Active Trader Pro is a trading platform that is available through the broker Fidelity Investments. The platform is marketed as being an innovative option...

Not Having This Information About Correlations Will Keep You From Growing

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the correlation, but just in case I’ve been working on this article. Have you ever thought...

Holy Grail Forex: Three Successful Strategies

"Holy Grail Forex" is what traders call a successful strategy, which gives virtually no unprofitable trading. To search for the Grail, traders can take...

The 5-0 Harmonic Pattern

Harmonic Pattern Example: Bearish 5-0 Harmonic Pattern The 5-0 Harmonic Pattern Like the Shark Pattern, the 5-0 pattern is a relatively new pattern discovered by the great Scott Carney. Carney

Why Forex Traders Must Value Their Time

All traders at the end of the year always take stock of their own trading activity. There still exists an element that is never...

Analyzing the Triangle Pattern – Intermediate Level Part 3

In the previous article, we expanded the ideas of the triangle pattern; in particular, we talked about the contracting triangle and its variations. In this last part dedicated to the triangle pattern, we will review the non-limiting triangle.

Trading Algorithms IX – RSI Failures System

Trading the naked RSI system depicted in this series's previous video as an overbought/oversold signal generator is too risky, and its long-term results questionable. The system is profitable only in sideways movements. Thus, a trending filter or a detrending step will be needed to avoid the numerous fake signals.

Anatomy of a Forex Scalping Strategy

Scalping is a type of trading strategy that revolves around profiting from many small price changes. A scalper focuses on making as many small...

Weekly High/Low Breakout Trading: The Chart You May Want to Avoid

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a breakout at a weekly high. The price consolidates afterward but fails to make a breakout at consolidation resistance. Thus, the price does not head towards the North. Let us find out how that happens and what lesson it holds for us.

How Many FX Currency Pairs Should We Trade?

Last month a private symposium was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored by a narrow circle of international forex traders. The event hosted more...

Using Weekly High or Weekly Low in the H4 Chart Trading

The Weekly high or Weekly low plays a significant part in the H4 chart traders. In today’s lesson, we will demonstrate an example of how last week’s high works as a level of support and pushes the price towards the upside by offering a long entry to the buyers. Let us get started.

The Alternate Bat Pattern

Harmonic Pattern Example: Alternate Bat Bullish The Alternate Bat Pattern The Alternate Bat Pattern is another pattern by Scott M. Carney. This pattern comes from his second Volume Two in

AUD/JPY Global Macro Analysis: Ranking Impact Factors

The global macro analysis of the AUD/JPY pair focuses on endogenous factors that impact GDP growth in Australia and Japan. We'll also analyze exogenous...

What You Can Do Today to Control Your Trading Risk

Risk, something that you are either afraid of or something that you love, whichever one is you, controlling it is vital if you want...

The Cypher Pattern

The Cypher Pattern The Cypher Pattern is another type of Harmonic Pattern - except it isn't - but it is. This is one of the few patterns not identified by

How to Neutralize Emotions When Trading

In this article, I will try to teach you to neutralize the emotions you may feel during the usual operation. Imagine, for example, that...

Which Global Trading Session is the Worst? The Answer Just Might...

FWhile the forex market offers the opportunity to trade 24 hours per day, smart traders know that certain times just aren’t prime for trading....

Even a Choppy Price Action Offers Entries

The market moves in three ways upward, downward, and sideways. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a Rectangle breakout and an entry from a choppy

A Summary of Trading For A Living by Dr. Alexander Elder

Trading For A Living is an excellent read for those who wish to learn about the many aspects of the trading world. The book was written by Dr. Alexander Elder and published initially in 1993, with a new version in 2014 (translated into Spanish in 2017). What follows is a summary of this work for those who are interested in learning more about trading.