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This section holds our Forex Educational library: Our trading library consists of a collection of the most excellent educational articles written by our top market experts. It is primarily focused on those subscribers who aim at initiating or consolidating a professional trading career; that is, for people who take trading seriously. It is our mission to continually enrich our library over time, as well to cover all sorts of useful topics, from foundational to the most advanced ones. We have separate sections for Advanced Forex Education, beginners Forex Education, A daily Forex Topic and a Complete Forex Course.

How Do Forex Robots Actually Work?

What’s this about trading robots? Do they work? Are robots bad? Many questions are those that usually roll in the head when you hear...

Top 10 Fun Facts About Forex Trading

When it comes to forex and trading, there is loads of information out there, it also has a very rich history, so when we...

Five Important Stats to Log in Your Trading Journal

Whether you’re only considering trying out forex trading or you’re already a trader, there’s a good chance that you might have heard tips mentioning...

Analysis and Trading with Triangles

In our previous article, we discussed how we could simplify the zigzag and flat pattern by the chartist figure known as a flag. In this educational article, we will see how triangles can be used in wave analysis.

The Fundamentals of the Japanese Yen (JPY)

In terms of popularity, the Japanese yen (sign: ¥, code: JPY; meaning: circle, round object) ranks third among the eight most traded currencies in the world, only preceded by the USD and the EUR. This currency forms some of the most traded crosses as well, such as the USD/JPY currency pair that holds an 11% volume of all trades worldwide. As such, the JPY is also one of the most liquid currencies and enjoys the status of a reserved currency in many countries around the globe.  

How To Trade A Ranging Market

One of the toughest things to do in forex is to remain profitable, the thing that is even tougher than this is to remain...

20 Quick Answers to Common Forex Trading Questions

Without a doubt, the topic of Forex trading brings with it many questions. There are questions related to strategies, brokers, fund management, and much...

The Daily-H4 Combination Trading: Do Not Only Look for Reversal Candle

The daily–H4 combination traders are to wait for the daily chart to produce a reversal candle first to look for entry. Once the chart produces a daily reversal candle, traders are to flip over to the H4 chart; wait for consolidation and an H4 reversal candle to trigger an entry. We must not forget that if the daily chart is trending, the daily-H4 combination trading strategy may offer entry as well. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of that.

Which Countries Ban Forex Trading?

Forex trading is certainly legal in the vast majority of countries around the world, and very few countries prohibit speculative currency trading. At present,...

Beliefs That Can Limit Our Forex Profits

In this article, I will try to expound on "Limiting Beliefs": what they are, why they appear, and how they affect us in Trading.

Even a Combination of Double Top and Engulfing Fails

Double Top/Double Bottom is one of the most robust patterns that price action traders wait to take entries. When the price is rejected twice at a resistance level, it forms

When Can I Trade? Let’s Review Forex Market Trading Sessions &...

The Forex Market is open for trading 24 hours a day, five days a week. The market is divided into 4 different sessions depending...

Classic Quotes Relevant to Forex Traders

Often when we think about certain quotes in relation to forex and trading, we are thinking of ones that are solely from those that...

49. Quick History & Introduction To Japanese Candlesticks

What are Candlestick Charts?

Must Follow Facebook Pages for Forex Traders

If we asked you to guess the most popular social media platform in the United States, what would you say? The unsurprising answer is...

Top Four Questions For a Professional Prop Trader

Becoming a professional prop trader is not easy. The positive results of trading and effort come after a few years. Whatsmore, they may not...

A Weak Breakout Candle Makes Things Different

In H1 breakout trading, the signal candle’s attributes are as important as the breakout candle. We know that a breakout candle means a lot. So is the breakout confirmation or signal candle. In today’s article, we are going to demonstrate an example of this. Let us get started.
Step Four - Reentry

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Guide – A walk through a trade.

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Guide – A walk through a trade. I want to preface this guide with a screenshot of my account. [caption id="attachment_48804" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Trade History[/caption] The

The Shark Pattern

Harmonic Pattern Example: Bearish Shark The Shark Pattern The Shark Pattern is the newest harmonic pattern from Carney’s work (2016). He revealed this pattern in his third book in

Hedging and Coverage: What Forex Trader’s MUST Know

If you’ve heard the word hedging or hedging mentioned and you’re not sure exactly what this is about when trading, this article can help....

Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci

Leonardo da Pisa developed the Fibonacci sequence in the thirteen century. The series starts like this: 1-1-2-3-5-8, and so on. Elliott, in his work "Nature's Law," said Fibonacci provides

The H1-15M Combination Trading: Waiting for an H1 Reversal Candle Ensures...

The H1 reversal candle plays a significant part in the H1-15M chart combination trading. If the traders wait to get an H1 reversal candle, by using candle’s lower low/higher high, they get a better risk-reward. In a bearish market, a trader needs to wait for an H1 bearish reversal candle after the breakout. In a bullish market, he needs to do the opposite. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a bullish market where the H1-15M chart combination offers an entry upon producing an H1 bullish reversal candle. Let us get started.

Forex Course 1.0 – Complete Guide

Hello Readers!

Chart Patterns: Pullback and Throwbacks

The most common term people associate with retracements in price that retest prior areas of support or resistance is a pullback. There is another...

What is a Forex PAMM Account?

You will see that some Forex/CFD brokers, usually the largest, offer a "PAMM Account". What is this type of account? In short, "PAMM" (in...

Overview of “Dark Pools” (AKA Parallel Markets)

In finance, a «dark pool» is a private market used by its participants to trade in different types of securities. They are basically parallel...
Symmetrical Triangle

Chart Patterns: Symmetrical Triangles

Symmetrical Triangles

Everything You Need to Know About Using MACD (Moving Average Convergence...

Moving averages identify trends when filtering price fluctuations. Under this idea, Gerald Appel, an analyst and portfolio manager from New York, developed a more...

Retracement, Consolidation, Breakout, and Price-Action Trading

In the financial market, there is a saying, “Trend is your friend.” When the price makes a strong move towards a direction breaching a significant level of support/resistance, traders start

AUD/CHF Global Macro Analysis

In this analysis, we will look into endogenous economic factors that influence Australia and Switzerland's growth. We will analyze factors that affect the fluctuation...

Determining the Strength of the Market by Analyzing the VSA

With this publication, we will look at an incredible method of market analysis based on the volume Volume Spread Analysis (VSA), developed by the famous American financial analyst Tom Williams and published in the book «Master the Markets». This is an unusual view that deals with how market makers manipulate crowd behavior.

Alexander Elder and the Psychology of Markets

With the suggestive quote below, Alexander Elder begins his masterpiece, Trading for a Living. Elder, who studied psychiatry in the former Soviet Union, enlisted in a ship from which he fled risking his life and after being chased by his own companions arrived in New York in 1974, with 25 dollars in his pocket and no one to ask for help. He currently presides over Financial Trading Inc., a company mainly dedicated to providing training and is widely known for its contribution to the psychology of trading.

Perfecting The Fibonacci Retracements Trading Strategy

Introduction The Fibonacci tool was developed by Leonardo Pisano, who was born in 1175 AD in Italy. Pisano was one of the greatest mathematicians of the middle ages. He brought

How Much Money Should I Risk On Forex Trading?

Novice traders are often surprised to learn that when it comes to being profitable in the long run, controlling risk is as fundamental as...

The ATR Indicator and Volatility in Trading

Have you ever considered how to use volatility in your trading? How to apply some filters according to their behavior? The ATR indicator can...

26. Margin Terminologies – Unrealized P/L and Realized P/L

Introduction In the previous lesson, the concept of balance was discussed. And in this lesson, two more terms shall be opened up, namely, unrealized P/L and realized P/L. First up

Long Shadow in Breakout Confirmation Candle

In price action trading, breakout, as well as confirmation candle’s attributes, plays a significant role. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of how upper/lower shadow of a breakout confirmation candle plays a role to offer us entry. Let us get started.