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Articles about interesting trading topics or pieces of news analysis. The topic is chosen among uncommon and not well-known subjects, but of key importance for the development of the profession.

Trading System design -Creating Your Strategy with Tradingview’s Pine Script –...

In part 1 of this article series, we have created the Stochastic RSI indicator as part of our idea for a scalping strategy. Now that we have it functional, we will make the bull/bear phases and visually inspect whether it captures the turning market's turning points.

What You Need to Know About Forex Spreads

In this article, we will talk about the spread, which is actually an English term that means differential. And this is precisely what it...

Analysis and Trading with Triangles

In our previous article, we discussed how we could simplify the zigzag and flat pattern by the chartist figure known as a flag. In this educational article, we will see how triangles can be used in wave analysis.

A Weak Breakout Candle Makes Things Different

In H1 breakout trading, the signal candle’s attributes are as important as the breakout candle. We know that a breakout candle means a lot. So is the breakout confirmation or signal candle. In today’s article, we are going to demonstrate an example of this. Let us get started.

Long Shadow in Breakout Confirmation Candle

In price action trading, breakout, as well as confirmation candle’s attributes, plays a significant role. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of how upper/lower shadow of a breakout confirmation candle plays a role to offer us entry. Let us get started.

Trading System design -Creating Your Strategy with Tradingview’s Pine Script –...

As promised, in this article, we will go through the steps to create a custom strategy, from the initial idea to the implementation of signals, stops, and targets.

Candlestick Trading Patterns I – The Story

The Financial markets are an exciting place for many people, attracted by dreams of infinite wealth. However, these markets are one of the most complicated environments on earth. The fact that millions of people exchange assets in financial markets makes them very difficult to predict, as each of the participants has its own vision, interests, and objectives.

Meet the Steve Jobs of the Forex Industry

Traders that make money are rare. Traders that become famous have a unique advantage few can actually replicate. Listening to what they do when...

How Does Trading Forex Differ From Trading Stocks?

Many people think of trading as a giant single entity that comprises Forex, Indices, Metals, Stocks, and more, when in reality each of the elements within the idea of trading is completely separate. Forex and stocks as an example are often thrown into the same bucket, but there are a lot of differences between them. In fact, the only similarity between them is that you are buying or selling them, pretty much that is it, everything else has differences. Some differences are large, others are quite small, but they are there. We are going to be looking at the differences between trading forex and trading stocks, there are a lot so we may not go over all of them, but you will surely get the idea that they are quite different beasts.

Using Weekly High or Weekly Low in the H4 Chart Trading

The Weekly high or Weekly low plays a significant part in the H4 chart traders. In today’s lesson, we will demonstrate an example of how last week’s high works as a level of support and pushes the price towards the upside by offering a long entry to the buyers. Let us get started.

Trading Algorithms IX – RSI Failures System

Trading the naked RSI system depicted in this series's previous video as an overbought/oversold signal generator is too risky, and its long-term results questionable. The system is profitable only in sideways movements. Thus, a trending filter or a detrending step will be needed to avoid the numerous fake signals.

Weekly High/Low Breakout Trading: The Chart You May Want to Avoid

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a breakout at a weekly high. The price consolidates afterward but fails to make a breakout at consolidation resistance. Thus, the price does not head towards the North. Let us find out how that happens and what lesson it holds for us.

The Case for Average True Range-based Stop-loss Settings

Most traders are taught to use stop-losses based on critical levels. The basic idea is to spot invalidation levels based on previous low or high. The assumption is that by

Test your knowledge about Candlesticks

After our discussion about short-bodied candlestick in our article

Masteting Stop-Loss setting: How about using Kase Dev-Stops?

The stop-loss setting is a crucial component to the long-term success of a forex and crypto trader. The market forces cannot be adapted to the wishes of traders. Successful traders

Three Facts about Candlesticks you Never Knew About

Candlesticks are great because it makes trends visual at first glance. But most candlestick users stay just with that trait and don't go more in-depth. Of course, everybody knows some

Forex Academy’s Guide to Position Size

After completing our series on position size, we would like to summarize what we have learned and make conclusions.

Breakout Length: Key to Trend’s Strength

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate the relation between the trend’s strength and breakout length. The breakout length usually represents one-fourth of a potential trend. If the breakout length is 25 pips, the trend may sustain up to 100 pips before making a big correction or long consolidation. It is important for breakout traders since the market often makes a breakout; confirms the breakout. However, the price does not head towards the trend direction. Let us clarify this by the examples below.

What Moves the Forex Markets?

Analyzing the Forex Market

Basic Math Skills Traders Needs – Average and Chevyshev’s Inequality Explained!

Most of the people wanting to profit from the Financial Markets think that the secret to success lies in knowing the price turns to start a new trend and also

Secret Techniques For Profitable Forex Trading Part 1!

How to Trade Forex Anonymously with Bitcoin

Anonymous trading used to be a reserve for high-profile investors. But with the increasing acceptance of crypto in forex trading, anyone can trade anonymously now. There are both advantages and limitations to trading anonymously. If you choose to trade forex anonymously, you could use Bitcoin or any altcoin accepted by your broker. 

Candlestick Trading Patterns IV – Long White Bodies

There are two kinds of price movements in the markets: Impulsive movements and corrective movements. The ideal impulsive action is characterized by a continuous rise or decline from the opening level to the closing one, this being the highest or lowest point of the period. The ideal corrective movement is described by a lateral movement in a short-range and close opening and closing levels.
Ascending Triangle

Chart Patterns: Ascending Triangles

[caption id="attachment_57083" align="aligncenter" width="3338"] Ascending Triangle[/caption]

How Be Sure your Trading Strategy is a Winner?

To evaluate, the quality of a strategy is an old quest, and its answer has to do with gambling theory, although it can apply to any process in which the

The right ways to Stop-loss Setting

We, at Forex.Academy, try to help novice, and not so novice, traders the best ways to trade in this Forex jungle.  Many novice traders put their focus on entries, thinking that to be profitable, you need to be right. Right? - Wrong!  in his book "Trade your way to your financial freedom," Van K. Tharp proposed a random entry system as an example to show that trade management is more important than entries. The stop-loss setting is a key part of trade management, so, let's have a look at how to optimize them.

Taking Forex Trading as a Business

Forex trading is a hard business. A trader has to work hard to learn the algorithm of it as well as psychologically strong enough to apply them when it comes

Keep an Eye at the Last Daily Candle’s Closing

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of the daily-H4 chart combination trading. In the daily-H4 chart combination trading, the daily chart plays a very significant role. As long as the price in the daily chart heads towards the trend, the traders may find the opportunities to take entry. Let us now proceed and find out what that means.

The Basics Of Statistical Analysis In Forex Part 1 – Understand...

Price Action Trading: Entries to Take and Entries to Skip

In today’s price action trading lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a chart that offers multiple entries. We try to spot out entry/entries that we may skip and the entry/entries we may take. We try to find out the reasons behind that as well. Let us get started.

Do not Mix up, Stick with the Rules

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of an H4 chart offering an entry. The daily-H4 chart combination traders are to keep an eye on the daily chart first. Once the daily chart produces a daily reversal candle from the support/resistance zone, they are to flip over to the H4 chart to take an entry. Today, we are going to do it in another way for a reason. We are going to start monitoring from the H4 chart. Let us start. Soon you will know why I am doing it so.

Daily-H4 Combination: A Daily Reversal on the Daily, Flip Over to...

In today’s article, we are going to demonstrate an example of a daily–H4 combination trade setup. On a strong bullish market, the daily chart produces a bearish reversal candle and offers a beautiful short entry for the sellers, the price gets exceptionally bearish, and it may remain bearish for a long time. Let us get started.

Why Compounding is such a Powerful Tool

Novice traders put their focus on how much leverage brokers are offering as a crucial part of their decision process to choose the right brokerage account. But in fact, as

Candlestick Trading Patterns V – The Long Black-bodied Candlestick

In the previous article, We talked about candles with long and white bodies and discovered how such a candle could provide us with very useful information about the hidden properties of the market situation and the psychology of its participants.

Consolidation and Breakout: The Two Key Movements in Price Action Trading

Price action trading mainly relies on consolidation, trend, and breakout. Reversal candle is another feature that traders keep an eye at. Typically, double top/bottom, morning star/evening star, and engulfing candle are considered the strongest reversal signal. However, even an inside bar may create an excellent bullish/bearish momentum if the price consolidates and makes a perfect breakout. In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of this.

What does it take to Replicate Success?

Replicating something is done by taking a model and copying it. To become a successful trader, beginners should replicate, or model, a successful trader. But what does it take to replicate Success?

Weekly High/Low Breakout Trading: Count the Breakout Candle’s Attributes

In today's lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of an H4 breakout at the last week's high. However, the price does not head towards the North as it usually does. Let's find out why that happens.

Fundamental Analysis For Novices! Housing Starts!