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Forex Basics category contains articles about the basic concepts of the forex world: Pairs, lots, pip, spread, slippage, and volume are covered in simple to understand articles.

Avoiding the Price Action Prediction Trap

Price action is a vital part of trading forex. It can be an extremely powerful ally or a devastating enemy depending on how you...

Reasons Why FX Trading Requires Dedication

When you started out with trading or when you had the idea of trading, how did you picture it? Did you think that you...

Women in the World of Forex

In this article, everything is based on an opinion, experience, conversation, and basic research by people that work professionally as traders on forex. It...

Five Unfortunate Truths About Forex Trading

Trading and forex from the outside can seem like a fantastic way to make money. In fact, those without a lot of money often...

Is it Dangerous to Have Goals and Projections in Forex Trading?

How many times we heard: "These are the results I've got trading forex in the past year so I can logically expect to get...

Forex Trade Journaling Do’s and Don’ts

When we try to get better, we learn. Learning is a process where we consume relevant information and use it for our goal. Forex...

Exploring the Differences Between Sports Betting and Forex Trading

With the rising number of testimonials discussing forex and the reasons behind individual success stories, correlations between sports betting and this form of trading...

The Best Place to Learn Forex Trading

Last May I visited New York just for fun but out of nowhere, I met a guy who is a professional Forex trader. The guy has slightly over ten years of a carrier in trading and we had a very enthusiastic conversation, together with his friend trader, about how to chose the right path to educate yourself about this type of trading. So, the question is, what is the best source to learn Forex trading?

Which Assets to Trade During a Recession

When speaking about a recession, investing might not be the first activity that comes to mind, however, during these testing times, investors and traders...

What Equipment Do I Need to Trade Forex?

So, you want to start trading on Forex, but don’t know what equipment you need? Scared that you might start something and then realize...

Should You Participate in Forex Trading Contests?

Forex trading contests are the type of competitions where we use our demo accounts. Usually, there is no entry fee, it is just required to follow basic regulations of the competition. This is not something new for most traders and this type of trade is mainly created for people who are new in forex trading. For some traders, it might be a good way to get a name out there, opportunity to improve your skills, get a prestigious title, or win a significant amount of money.

Forex Supply and Demand Comparative

If you had to make a choice between stock, commodities, forex, and crypto markets, which ones would you say are affected by supply and...

Some Spikes are Not to Be Ignored

Forex traders often struggle with spikes on their trading charts. The Line chart does not show spikes, but Candlestick Chart does. Price action traders usually use candlestick charts as one of their weapons to trade effectively. Thus, they face this problem every now and then. There is no sure method confirming which spikes are to be ignored, and which are not to be ignored. We have to be sensible about that. In today’s lesson, we find out a kind of spikes that are not to be ignored. Let us get started.

A Story of a False Bullish Breakout

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of a short entry that is derived from a false breakout. It contains two lessons. Let us get started.

A Breakout Brings More Momentum than any Other Trading Factor

A Breakout Brings More Momentum than any Other Trading Factor

A Winner is Not Always a Good Trade

Price action traders use chart combinations such as Weekly-Daily, Daily-H4, H4-H1, and H1-15M, etc. Intraday minor charts’ traders such as the H1, 15M, 5M do not have an undeviating relation

Attributes of the Signal Candle Not to be Ignored

After choosing a pair to trade, traders wait for the signal candle at the desired zone/level to take an entry. The attributes of the signal candle are important. Ideally, a

Using Trailing Stop: An Art to Be Learned by Traders

Using a trailing stop is a way to lock a profit in trading, at least with some profit. A floating profit trade may not always hit its Take-Profit level. Thus

The Simpler the Better

Financial traders follow many charts, patterns, and trading strategies. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, there is a saying, ‘the simpler, the better.’ In the financial markets

Importance of Timing in Trading

Timing is an essential factor in trading. Price action traders take entry on signal candle’s/bar’s attributes and support/resistance breakout. Many traders ignore the timing factor. However, it is an important

Stop Loss: An Art to be Learned Well by Traders

Setting Take Profit and Stop loss in the right areas are essential factors in trading. A trader does not survive in the market by placing Stop Loss and Take Profit

The Babe Ruth Syndrome

In his book More than you know, Michael J. Mauboussin tells the story of a portfolio manager working in an investment company of roughly twenty additional managers. After assessing the

Do not be Biased with Your Anticipation

Financial markets keep going up and down. Traders make money out of those moves. To take an entry, a trader is to do a lot of calculations, such as detecting

What leads a Breakout to be Nullified?

Price action traders consider the breakout as one of the most important factors. It is, once it is confirmed. However, momentum, overall psychology are essential aspects of breakout that less

Even a Combination of Double Top and Engulfing Fails

Double Top/Double Bottom is one of the most robust patterns that price action traders wait to take entries. When the price is rejected twice at a resistance level, it forms

Let Profit Trade Run

There is a saying in the financial market, “Cut your losses short and let your profit run.” Letting the profit trade run is not as easy as it sounds. Traders

Supply, Demand and Liquidity as Drivers of Prices

Markets are "places" where people and institutions exchange assets. It may be stock shares, commodities, grain, livestock, or currencies, but all markets behave similarly. Buyers and sellers look for the

Forex And The Importance Of Education

The Importance of Forex Trading Education This is a growing market with an average daily turnover of US$5.3 trillion! That’s around £4 trillion. So who is taking advantage of this

Everything you should master to Detect Trends, and more!

Introduction In chapter 1, we’ve set the foundations of market classification, what a trend is about, and the dissection of a trend in its several phases. Then we talked about