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Informative articles about the key economic indicators that move the currency prices: Gross domestic product (GDP), Interest Rates, Inflation Rates, Unemployment rates, Government Debt to GDP, Balance of Trade, Current Account to GDP and Credit Rating.

What Moves the Forex Markets?

Analyzing the Forex Market

Forex Fundamental Indicator – What you need to know about the...

There are several components that make up fundamental analysis, but one of the most influential indicators is The Gross Domestic Product and the GDP growth rate. GDP is a well-known metric of economics and is one of the most important components when doing your fundamental analysis due diligence of a currency pair.

Fundamental Analysis – A Brief Introduction

Most traders just focus and use technical analysis (TA) to make trade decisions, but they forget that trading is connected with value. The perceived value of an asset is what makes the market move up and down. And the perception of that value by the market is directly related to the fundamental information available.

What you should know about Government Debt to GDP

What is the Government Debt to GDP?

What Are Forex Boost/Impulse Indicators?

Impulse indicators measure the rate of change in closing prices and are used to detect weakness in trends and potential points of turn. Often...

Does a Recession Have an Impact on Forex?

Times change, politics change, economics change, and how do deal with those changes means everything. This phenomenon is not related directly to forex trading...

Trading Forex News: Why Risk Assessment Calls for a Different Approach

We know how certain markets, such as the crypto market, foster the culture of sharing news and exchanging information. The spot forex market, however, appears to be calling for a different approach for traders to truly master the skill of trading currencies, building the very needed psychological resilience along with one’s trading account. Some of the market’s most prominent traders even fervently support the idea that trading news is one of the least effective strategies forex traders could ever implement. While a number of traders keep striving to find a way to trade news, a portion of successful traders insists on employing another method. Today, we are trying to understand whether traders should necessarily avoid every type of news, and how reliance on such information affects trading, analyzing claims against incorporating news events in trading currencies.

Why is the Interest Rate Important in the Forex Market?

The factor that has the greatest influence on the Forex foreign exchange market is the changes in interest rates made by any of the...

Let’s Understand The ‘Current Account’ Economic Indicator

Current Account vs. Capital Account

Tips for Trading During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anytime a global crisis happens, investors tend to panic and start selling. Although it might seem like a bad idea to invest when things...

Want to Make a Quick Profit? Watch for These Reports…

As a forex trader, you’ll need to understand what factors drive market prices so that you can make the right financial decisions. In today’s...

The Secret Politics of the Dollar: Federal Reserve Vs. White House

The Strange Relationship Between the Federal Reserve and the White House has shown once again that silence is gold and the word is silver....