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The Pressures Of Forex Trading

Pressure, the incredibly strong feeling of dread or stress that can come over you when doing pretty much anything when there is something on the line. In regards to trading, that something is your account balance. This is even more apparent if you are currently trading as your full-time job and you are counting on it for paying things like your bills or to purchase your weekly shopping. Pressure can come from both within and from outside sources, so let's take a little look at the sort of things that can cause pressure and the effects that this can have on both you and your trading abilities.

Know The Two Systems Operating inside Your Head

In the introduction of his book, "Thinking fast and slow,"  Daniel Kahneman presents a face with an expression similar to the following image as an example of your mind

FXNextGen Review

FX NextGen is a foreign exchange broker based in the Republic of Georgia, their values are to show integrity, be competitive and to be...

Riding on a Trend is rewarding

The trend is the trader's friend. To be able to spot the trend and reversal point are the two most important factors of price action trading. In the Forex market on the minor charts, trend changes in a second. However, the trend usually continues on major charts such as the H4, the daily as well as weekly. In today's lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of how we can ride on a trend and make most of it.

How to Start a Wave Analysis – Part 1

The wave analysis begins with a preliminary study of the basic patterns defined by the Elliott Wave Theory. In this educational article, we will view how to start to develop a wave analysis.

Avoid Psychological Mistakes that First-Time Traders Make

Psychology can affect one’s success as a trader in many ways, some of which may be more obvious than others. After all, forex traders...

No change on interest rates in the ECB Meeting

News Draghi stated that Eurozone area growth is “solid and broad-based”, then he continue saying that "the ECB didn't discuss plans for its June meeting". The ECB kept rates unchanged

AUD/USD Plunges to Complete Retracement – Quick Trade Plan! 

The AUD/USD pair was closed at 0.77604 after placing a high of 0.7773 and a low of 0.76607. Despite the positive macroeconomic data from the US and the rising demand for safe-haven, the currency pair AUD/USD rose higher onboard amid the US dollar's weakness. The greenback weakened after the beginning of the American session, and the US Dollar Index fell to its two-year lowest level at 89.44 on Tuesday ahead of the Georgia runoff election's result. The Senate election will decide who will control the upper chamber of the US Congress. The incoming Democratic President, Joe Biden, will need the two seats to control the US Senate. The Republican Party has been controlling the US Senate since 2014, and if the Democratic Party wins this election, it would be beneficial for them.

Secret Techniques For Profitable Forex Trading Part 1!

Look for Such Price Action to Trade on the ABC Pattern

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of the ABC pattern trading. The trend-initiating candle comes out as a bullish engulfing candle followed by a bullish breakout. The price then makes a bearish correction and makes a bullish move upon producing a bullish reversal candle at a flipped support. Let us demonstrate with the charts how it happens.

Gold’s Symmetric Triangle Pattern Holds – What’s the Next Plan?

Despite the convincing outcome of the US January labor market report, the price of gold maintains a bullish return up to the $1,574 resistance mark during Friday's trading session as the precious metal closed the week's around the $1570 level. 

Gold Surge Amid Boosted Haven Appeal – Trade War In Focus!

 Today in the early European session, the safe-haven metal prices slipped due to less expectation of the rate cut by the Federal Reserve. Earlier today, the U.S. Gold was

USD/CAD Violates Upward Channel – Sell Signal Update!

The USD/CAD pair was closed at 1.27434 after placing a high of 1.27789 and a low of 1.26871. The USD/CAD pair continued its bullish movement for the 3rd consecutive session on Monday and reached above 1.27700 level amid the broad-based US dollar strength despite the risk-off market sentiment and the rising crude oil prices on the day.

Pitfalls that New Traders Need to Avoid

We have all been a new trader at some point in our lives or at least considering becoming one. We have seen all of...

Guide To 160+ Forex Fundamental Indicators

As we all know, there are three primary techniques to trade the Forex market. They are Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and Sentimental Analysis. Technical Analysis is one of the most prominent ways of trading the market, which involves using Technical Indicators, Price Action Techniques, etc. However, Fundamental analysis is one of the most underrated techniques to gauge the currency price movement.

The Most Harmful & Potentially Costly Forex Trading Myths

As with anything in life, there are a number of different myths that have been created around trading, the thing about myths is that...

The Basics Of Statistical Analysis In Forex Part 3 – Predicting...

Is The Trend Really Your Friend?

Introduction In this document, we will discuss the principle of Trading with the trend.   We will dissect the “Trade with the trend” discussion in: What is a trend Methods traders

AM Broker Review

If you are looking to trade without having to deal with solicitors or endless sales emails, AM Broker may be the right firm for...

Forex – How To Trade The EURUSD Pair Right Now!

Gold Triple Top Plays Well – NFP Figures Drive Sell-off! 

On Friday, gold prices slid as influential figures from China faded the risk appetite, while the U.S. labor market figure was robust. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced total nonfarm

Forex Trading: Expectations vs. Reality – Part Two

Let’s be honest, we all came into trading thinking that we were going to be rich, that is simply the expectation that a lot of new traders come into trading thinking, they have seen all the advertising spells with the present but often hidden warnings about the number of people who lost money. Due to these adverts and people on social media, people feel that trading is easy and that they will make a lot of money very easily and very quickly Or there are those that know very little about it that see it as gambling or a risk to do. Both of these expectations come from what they see from the outside, yet when we get into the actual facts, things are very different in reality than they are in their expectations. We are going to be looking at some of the differences between the realities and expectations of trading.

Forex and Indices – Daily Update – 03.07.18

Fundamental Overview Asian Session with all eyes placed on the RBA decision. Forex and Indices: In the Overnight session, markets will place their eyes on the Board of Reserve

Bonus Session Part I -Seasonality

In this very special bonus delivery we will help you dive into the complexity of (volatility) Seasonality. You will learn the foundations of Gann and Gartley; in preparation of some

EUR/USD Violates Ascending Triangle Pattern – Bullish Signal In Play! 

The EUR/USD bullish bias continues to dominate the market as it's trading at 1.2225. On the higher side, the EUR/USD may target the 1.2250 level and 1.2282 resistance areas. The direct currency pair may find support at 1.2175, which is extended by a double top resistance, which now is working as a support. The MACD and RSI are supporting bullish bias along with the 50 periods EMA. We can expect a continuation of a bullish trend in the EUR/USD today.

Gold Braces for Bearish Correction – Quick Signal Update!

Entry Price – Sell 2059.13

EUR/USD Manual Close at 20 Pips Loss – Reason Explained! 

The EUR/USD pair traded in a bearish mode earlier today when we opened a sell trade at 1.17132. However, every soon, the market sentiment started to change, and the EUR/USD pair started forming a bullish setup. We decided to cut the minor loss in the EUR/USD pair, instead of keeping it until it hit loss. 

LQDFX Review

LQDFX has been providing Forex trading services out of the Marshall Islands since 2015, acting as an STP broker. Their strongest selling points include spreads from 0.0 pips, 70+ assets

Top 10 Fun Facts About Forex Trading

When it comes to forex and trading, there is loads of information out there, it also has a very rich history, so when we...

The Insider Secrets of Coffee Trading Revealed

Coffee is one of the most interesting assets for trade. Although it is also one of the most volatile. Coffee is one of the...

Tips for Trading in a Bear Market

In a bear market, prices are trending downwards, with the most accepted definition being that the market declines more than 20% in value. The...

FX option expiries for May 14 New York cut

Thank you for visiting the Forex.Academy FX Options Expiries Section. Each day, where available, we will bring you notable maturities in FX Options of amounts of $100 million-plus, and where these large commutative maturities at specified currency exchange rates often have a magnetic effect on price action, especially in the hours leading to their maturities, which happens daily at 10.00 AM Eastern time. This is because the big institutional players hedge their positions accordingly. Each option expiry should be considered 'in-play' if labelled as Hot or Warm, or 'out of play' if labelled Cold with regard to the likelihood of price action meeting the strike price at maturity.

Daily F.X. Analysis, July 09 – Top Trade Setups In Forex...

On the news front, traders will keep their focus on the German trade balance, and U.S. Jobless Claims data in order to predict further price action in the market. Both events are expected to perform better than before and may help positive moves in the U.S. dollar.

Can Stress Be A Positive When Trading Forex?

You no doubt would have heard people tell you about how bad stress is in trading, how stress is one of the worst feelings...

Tifia Review

Tifia is a Republic of Vanuatu STP/ECN forex broker aiming to provide its clients with transparent trading conditions. Tifia has listed a few aspects...

Alvexo Review

Alvexo is a forex and CFD broker based in Cyprus, offering over 450 trading assets, their vision is to empower and educate their client...

Guide to Finding Trend Indicators

As an invested trader or a keen observer, you probably recognize the importance of understanding and using indicators in forex trading. Thankfully, owing to...

1000Extra Review

The registered address for 1000extra is actually the address for a hotel in Tel Aviv. The company registration number is also like that for...

USDSEK- Consolidation

01 USDSEK Daily chart price consolidation 

Daily Market Update: No Volatility for Markets

It has been a quiet day for any news or announcements that can calm the volatility of the markets. Yesterday, Trump commented on progress in the US-China trade talks. “China

Topic Markets – TMFX Review

Topic Markets, otherwise known as TMFX, is an online FX & CFD broker that is located in the United Kingdom. The company is registered...

FX Options Market Combined Volume Expiries for 5th August 2020

Thank you for visiting the Forex Academy FX Options market combined volume expiries section. Each day, where available, we will bring you notable maturities in FX Options of amounts of $100 million-plus, and where these large combined maturities at specified currency exchange rates often have a magnetic effect on price action, especially in the hours leading to their maturities, which happens daily at 10.00 AM Eastern time. This is because the big institutional players hedge their positions accordingly. Each option expiry should be considered 'in-play' with a good chance of a strike if labelled in red, still in play and a possible strike if labelled in orange and 'out of play' and an unlikely strike if labelled in blue, with regard to the likelihood of price action meeting the strike price at maturity.