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Daily Crypto Review, Dec 27 – Russia’s central bank testing stablecoins

Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies had quite a slow day. The price of most cryptos remained at the same place it was yesterday. Bitcoin's price went up by 0.1% on the day. It is trading for $7,224 at the time of writing. Meanwhile, Ethereum gained 1.8%, while XRP gained 0.48%.

Trading Crypto Using The Double Top & Bottom Formation

The Mess That is Telegram’s $1.7 Billion Token Sale

The unexpected growth and ultimate dominance of messaging apps in the tech world - prime examples being WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Telegram, and WeChat - has been phenomenal. Everyone who

Daily Crypto Review, July 6 – Cryptos Skyrocket on Increased Volume;...

The cryptocurrency market has had a relatively slow weekend until 12 hours ago when the volatility skyrocketed, and cryptocurrencies started moving. Bitcoin is currently trading for $9,221, which represents an increase of 1.63% on the day. Meanwhile, Ethereum gained 2.6% on the day, while XRP gained 2.52%.

Forex & The Brexit Conundrum!

What’s the Origin Protocol?

In recent years, e-commerce has exploded such that a large number of people shop online more than on physical stores. This is because online shopping provides more diversity, more comparison for prices, gives shoppers more control, and so on. 

SAN/BTC Is The Retreat Completed?

Santiment Network Token (SAN) Market Cap: $53.67M Circulating Supply: 62.66M SAN Max Supply: 0 SAN Volume (24h) $777.54K SAN/USD = $0.85343 SAN/BTC Technical Analysis SAN/BTC has found a very

Ethereum Developers Discuss Transaction Fees! The Death Of Ethereum?

What is Graftroot: Here is Everything you need to know

Bitcoin is famously pseudonymous, meaning while your transactions are not directly linked to you and you don't use your real name while transacting on the network, a Bitcoin address can still be traced to you by a person that's determined enough. This is an issue that Bitcoin users have always grappled with: a lack of guaranteed privacy. 
Stale bitcoins 2020 - Forex Academy

Rare Bitcoin Stale Block Raises Double-Spending and Immutability Concerns

It is now common knowledge that Bitcoin was not only the first cryptocurrency in history, but the blockchain network on which it runs is the most secure in the world, thanks to its ever-growing hash rate.

Monero Reaches 2-Year High, Is It the Next-Best Alternative?

Recently (Oct 2020), Monero hit $139 - its 2-year high, and investors are expressing renewed confidence in this crypto. What’s even more inspiring is the fact that the cryptocurrency has maintained a consistent sideways or upward - but not downward - trend since then. Before the 2017 crypto bull run, Monero always shied from surpassing the $1 mark. But the boom seemed to have inspired this crypto to take on the major players. 

Pot and Crypto: Why Should the Cannabis Industry Embrace Blockchain? 

With an anticipated growth of about $30 billion and an expanding job market, it's evident that the cannabis industry is set to become one of the strongest pillars of global economies. This explains why various legislatures are legalizing marijuana both for recreational and medical use. 

What Influences the Cryptocurrency Market?

If you’re going to invest in cryptocurrency, you need to have a good understanding of the driving forces behind prices in the market. Many...

Daily Crypto Review, Nov 13 – Bitcoin Above $16,000: What’s Next?

The cryptocurrency sector has spent the day equally divided between cryptos that ended up in the red and the green. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap pushed past its $16,000 mark and is currently trading for $16,291, representing an increase of 3.26% on the day. Meanwhile, Ethereum lost 0.15% on the day, while XRP gained 0.45%.

Top Crypto Cashback Apps 2020

Crypto cashbacks or crypto awards are programs that allow you to get small Bitcoin awards when you spend money in a store. When you make a purchase, you'll instantly be rewarded with a fraction of what you spent. The rewards will be in the smallest units of Bitcoin - satoshis.
Natrium crypto wallet mobile app

Natrium Mobile wallet Review: Is It The Safest Neo Blockchain Wallet...

Natrium wallet is a mobile crypto app developed by Appdito and introduced to the Nano community in August 2018. It is an open-sourced mobile app specially designed to further Nano Blockchain’s versatility while guaranteeing the security of the user’s digital assets. Though the community developed it, the wallet app has been subjected to numerous security audits sanctioned by the Nano Foundation that helped push it up the list of most reliable Nano wallets.
Crypto_VPN | Forex Acdemy

Should you Use a VPN for Cryptocurrency Transactions? 

With the growing number of cybersecurity threats, online privacy is becoming a huge concern for most internet users. As such, privacy-conscious users will likely prefer using cryptocurrencies to fiat or debit cards for financial transactions. 

Daily Crypto Review, Nov 22 – Crypto market crashes as China...

The cryptocurrency market had a major crash today. Most cryptocurrencies ended up being in the significant red. If we take a look at the past 24 hours, Bitcoin went down

Daily Crypto Review, Nov 5 – Bitcoin Finally Above $14,000 as...

The cryptocurrency sector has explosively pushed towards the upside as Bitcoin broke the $14,316 and entered the territory explored only during the 2017/2018 bull run and last seen in July 2018. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap is currently trading for $14,316, representing an increase of 5.54% on the day. Meanwhile, Ethereum gained 4.78% on the day, while XRP gained 0.67%.

Privacy Is Dead – Bittrex to Remove the US Privacy Coin...

Daily Crypto Review, May 20– Will BTC reach $20,000 in 2020?...

The crypto market has spent the day moving towards the upside. While most of the market is in the green, the majority of cryptocurrencies didn't move much.  Bitcoin is currently trading for $9,757, which represents an increase of 1.23% on the day. Meanwhile, Ethereum gained 0.87% on the day, while XRP gained 1.12%.

Bitcoin Cash ABC vs. Bitcoin Cash SV – Examining the Bitcoin...

The debate about Bitcoin’s scalability began almost with its very inception. A few years later, that debate tore the Bitcoin community right down the...

The Fear & Greed Index Indicator! The Best Way To Identify...

Crypto!The 3 Best Key Indicators To Watch When Trading Bitcoin! No

Trust Wallet review: Safety, Ease of Use, Features, Pros, and Cons

Trust Wallet is a crypto mobile app developed and introduced to the crypto market in November 2017 by Viktor Radchenko. It is an open-sourced crypto project that seeks to provide users with a balance between trust, security, and usability. To this end, this crypto wallet app has embraced a wide range of highly advanced features that seek to boost user privacy and ease of use. Some of these include a Web3 Dapp browser, a decentralized exchange, block explorer, and biometric security features.

Akon’s Crypto City: What’s It All About?

Undoubtedly, blockchain technology has revolutionized various industries since its inception. Developers across the world have come up with unique ways to use blockchain in...

Bitcoin and Blockchain Will Completely Change the World and Here’s Why…

Most large companies are already adapting to the Blockchain, such as IBM or Microsoft, and more and more are accepting Bitcoins as a payment...

Daily Crypto Review, Jan 23 – SEC hunting ICOs, Cryptos having...

The crypto market seems to have stopped consolidating and started moving slightly downwards. Prices started moving down slightly, so the real downtrend is still early to call. Bitcoin's price went down 1.76% on the day. It is currently trading for $8,567. Meanwhile, Ethereum lost 2% on the day, while XRP went down 2.31%.

Should You Buy Bitcoin If The Fed Releases Stimulus?

The covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of pressure on economies. Nearly every region has recorded an economic slowdown since authorities began restricting the movement of people. Some governments have tried to rescue their economies from drowning, while others have done nothing. But the US government has been contemplating a stimulus package after it became clear that the central bank is running out of options.

EOS Could Be Very Attractive Soon

EOS (EOS) EOS Market Cap: $12.51B Circulating Supply; 896.15M EOS Max Supply: 1B EOS Volume (24h) $1.22B Technical Analysis EOS/USD dropped aggressively today after retesting a major dynamic resistance.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Everything You Need to Know

We cannot talk about Bitcoin Cash without understanding the fundamentals of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was created in response to the financial crisis of 2008/2009. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of this revolutionary

Forex Academy’s Guide to Position Size

After completing our series on position size, we would like to summarize what we have learned and make conclusions.

Bitcoin CME Options Interest is Skyrocketing!

Daily Crypto Review, Jan 2 – Ripple releasing funds from escrow,...

The cryptocurrency market declined in price slightly due to the lack of volume during the New Year's celebration. The price of most cryptos decreased when compared to when we last reported the prices. If we talk about daily changes, Bitcoin's price went down 1.79%. It is currently trading for $7,095. Meanwhile, Ethereum lost 1.15%, while XRP lost 2%.

Daily Crypto Update 21.06.2018 – Permanent Indecision

The market is moving sideways today and there is not a real direction we can say it is going in right now. Most of the cryptos in the market have

Daily Update: XRP Falling down, Bitcoin in Negative Again, Cryptocurrencies Follow...

Daily update: XRP falling down, Bitcoin in the negative, Cryptocurrencies follow Bitcoin down XRP XRP has had a major swing up which brought it from $0.30 to an astonishing price

Watch Out for These Short-Term Crypto Investments

Different investment styles and the availability of time and money and knowledge may make an investor prefer a short-term crypto investment to one that...

XRP/BTC Up Channel, Can We Buy It?

Ripple (XRP) Market Cap: $21.69B Circulating Supply; 39.24B XRP Max Supply: 100B XRP Volume (24h) $412.65M XRP/USD = $0.55050 Technical Analysis   The rate dropped on the daily chart

Ripple Further Increase Expected

Ripple (XRP) Market Cap. $28 179 718 865 Volume (24h) $754 165 000 Circulating Supply: 39 122 794 968 XRP Total Supply: 99 992 362 643 XRP Max Supply: 100

Why is Bitcoin in the Bear Market?

 Why is bitcoin in the bear market? Many people wonder what happened to Bitcoin after the spike during late last year. How did it go from the highs of
NEM Nano Wallet desktop client

NEM Nano Wallet Review: Security, Fees, Features, Pros, And Cons

NEM Wallet is a desktop client and the official desktop wallet app for the NEM network. This makes it the home for the NEM network’s native cryptocurrency – XEM token – and all other cryptos built using the NEM technology. It is a light version of the NEM wallet and specially designed for the network and XEM token users who do not wish to store and run the full node blockchain on their computer.

Bitcoin Gold found a temporary resistance

Bitcoin Gold (BTG/USD) Market Cap. $1.26B Circulating Supply: 16.98M BTG Max Supply: 21M BTG Volume (24h) $30.81M   The Bitcoin Gold (BTG/USD) went up a bit today and is trying

Trezor One Wallet Review 2020: Features, cost, pros and cons

TREZOR has two claims to its massive popularity and influence in the crypto industry. First, it is the pioneer crypto hardware wallet – created in 2014, and secondly, it is developed and distributed by one of the most reputable crypto industry security systems providers – Satoshi Labs. Its influence in the offline crypto storage space is so significant that most of the hardware wallet brands available today have at one time borrowed a leaf from its sleek design or its source code.

Daily Crypto Review, Jan 16 – Malaysia considering IEO’s, markets consolidating

It looks like the cryptocurrency market stopped growing and started consolidating. The past 24 hours were not very turbulent. Bitcoin's price went down 1.51% on the day. It is currently trading for $8,617. Meanwhile, Ethereum lost 2.78% on the day, while XRP went down 4.38%.

What’s Matic (MATIC) All About?

Blockchain tech has proven to the world that it's a force to reckon with. It has powered thousands of cryptocurrencies that have shaken the finance world to the core. Multiple industries are scrambling to integrate the tech to benefit from the remarkable characteristics of decentralization, immutability, and radical transparency.

Fractals In Crypto Trading – Add This Tool To Make Solid...