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Crypto guides Will be a series of tutorial guides to help our users, new to the technology, an easy to follow entry point into the cryptocurrency industry. Basic concepts about cryptocurrencies, wallets, money transfers, safety and security will be treated with an open and clear style.

Understanding Public Keys & Private Keys and Their Working

Introduction Blockchains use public and private key cryptography to perform transactions in a cryptocurrency network. Public keys are generally widely known and used for identification of the person while private

A Simple Guide To Cryptocurrency Wallet & Its Different Types

What is a crypto wallet? Crypto wallets are software programs that store a user's public and private keys. These wallets interact with different blockchain networks to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Can ‘Discreet Log Contracts’ Potentially Gear Bitcoin for DeFi?

Introduction The term "DeFi" has gained significant popularity in the cryptocurrency space since the beginning of 2020. Over hundreds of projects have already been implemented...

Use Cases Of Blockchain Technology – Part 2 (Food & Diamond...

In our previous guide, we have discussed some of the real-life applications of Blockchain technology. Some of the critical use cases of this technology that we have discussed in the Part-1 article include Asset Tokenization, Supply Chain Management, Energy Market & Healthcare. In this guide, let's talk Food Safety & Diamond Industry, where the blockchain technology is being used extensively to solve more significant problems.

Consensus & Its Importance In Any Existing Cryptocurrency

Introduction In most of our previous articles, we have discussed a lot of topics regarding cryptocurrencies. We now know the properties of cryptos, advantages, and their fundamental purpose. In this

Litecoin – Short guide to The Bitcoin Of Altcoins!

Introduction Litecoin is an early Bitcoin spinoff as it was started in October 2011. It was created by Charlie Lee, who was a Google employee and a former director at

Twitter Bitcoin Scams Calls For The Need Of ‘Crypto Scam Awareness’!

Introduction Blockchain and cryptocurrency have changed the way people used to think about making a digital transaction. Blockchain uses cryptography to secure the digital payments...

Smart Contracts – A Brief Introduction

What are Smart Contracts?

Is Crypto Money Laundering A Real Problem?

What is Money Laundering?

‘Cryptokitties’ – The Innovative Blockchain Based Recreational System

Introduction Cryptokitties is a first blockchain-based leisure game created for entertainment. It is developed by Vancouver based blockchain company Axiom Zen on the Ethereum platform....

DASH – Everything You Should Know About This New Age Cryptocurrency

Introduction The word "Dash" is created from Digital Cash, thus signifying it is a virtual currency in its name itself. This coin was introduced by Evan Duffield in 2014, initially

Understanding The Basics Of Bitcoin Cash

Introduction  As the name suggests, one can easily conclude that Bitcoin Cash is forked from the original Bitcoin protocol. It is also called as Bcash and is created in 2017.