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Crypto guides Will be a series of tutorial guides to help our users, new to the technology, an easy to follow entry point into the cryptocurrency industry. Basic concepts about cryptocurrencies, wallets, money transfers, safety and security will be treated with an open and clear style.

Use Cases Of Blockchain Technology – Part 2 (Food & Diamond...

In our previous guide, we have discussed some of the real-life applications of Blockchain technology. Some of the critical use cases of this technology that we have discussed in the Part-1 article include Asset Tokenization, Supply Chain Management, Energy Market & Healthcare. In this guide, let's talk Food Safety & Diamond Industry, where the blockchain technology is being used extensively to solve more significant problems.

Can ‘Discreet Log Contracts’ Potentially Gear Bitcoin for DeFi?

Introduction The term "DeFi" has gained significant popularity in the cryptocurrency space since the beginning of 2020. Over hundreds of projects have already been implemented...

What Is Market Capitalization? Top Cryptocurrencies With Highest Market Cap!

Introduction Market capitalization is estimated for publicly traded companies in general to determine the value of that company. The value is calculated based on the total number of outstanding shares

‘Cryptokitties’ – The Innovative Blockchain Based Recreational System

Introduction Cryptokitties is a first blockchain-based leisure game created for entertainment. It is developed by Vancouver based blockchain company Axiom Zen on the Ethereum platform....

Twitter Bitcoin Scams Calls For The Need Of ‘Crypto Scam Awareness’!

Introduction Blockchain and cryptocurrency have changed the way people used to think about making a digital transaction. Blockchain uses cryptography to secure the digital payments...

Monero – One Of Those Cryptocurrencies That Ensure 100% Privacy!

Introduction We have seen the in-depth analysis of different cryptos so far and understood that new coins keep coming up, improvising the shortcomings of the previous ones. Monero is such

Different Facets Of The Blockchain Technology

Introduction We have seen many topics related to blockchain explaining different facets of the technology. This article is an attempt to put together the main...

These Are The Top Cryptocurrency Wallets In The Market (2019)

In our previous articles, we have discussed what a cryptocurrency wallet is and its different types. We also understood their purpose and ranked the various kinds of wallets in terms of security. Quick recap - Hot wallets are the ones that have an internet connection, and cold wallets are the ones that are not connected to the internet. Desktop, Mobile, and Web Wallets are the example of hot wallets; whereas, Hardware and Paper wallets are the well known cold wallets. When it comes to convenience, hot wallets have the upper hand, and in terms of security, cold wallets take the front seat.

Understanding Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens

Today we are going to look into fungible vs Non-Fungible Tokens, aka NFTs, aka nifty. They burst into the mainstream with the sudden popularity...

Understanding The Basics Of Bitcoin Cash

Introduction  As the name suggests, one can easily conclude that Bitcoin Cash is forked from the original Bitcoin protocol. It is also called as Bcash and is created in 2017.