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This Educational Library will cover every subject related to the cryptocurrency sector. Bitcoin will have its unique place as the leading digital currency. We will take a particular interest in themes associated with the top ten coins and tokens; also, articles covering new digital technologies and advancements in DLT technologies. All aspects of the technology such as security, anonymity, wallets, buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies will also be covered.cryptocurrencies will also be covered.

Muun Wallet Review:  How Safe Is Muun Bitcoin And Lightning Wallet?

Muun is a bitcoin and Lightning wallet that strives to presents its users with a balance between usability and security. It integrates highly intuitive usability features with advanced security features to achieve this. The wallet was developed and maintained by a team of 15 highly experienced blockchain technology and crypto security experts based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some of their strengths include maintaining the most responsive customer support team and their commitment to transparency.

Counter Wallet Review 2020: Is It Safe? Is It Easy To...

CounterWallet is the official crypto wallet for Counterparty – a peer-to-peer financial services provider launched in January 2014. It is highly innovative and seeks to revolutionize how we store and interact with crypto wallets and private keys by providing an alternative to standard backup or recovery options. It is built on the bitcoin blockchain and is one of the few crypto wallets, and protocols by extension, that provides users with the tools required to create Bitcoin network tokens.

How Coti (COTI) can change Payments and Money Transfers

The traditional payment system is defined by long waiting periods, expensive fees, and error-prone transactions due to the single point of failure inherent in centralized systems. Blockchain was supposed to help with most of these problems, e.g., by facilitating peer-to-peer, fraud-free transactions. However, the first and second-generation blockchains, i.e., Ethereum and Bitcoin, face challenges like low scalability that prevent them from competing with the fastest traditional models such as Visa. 

How Chainanalysis Helps Crack Down on Crypto Crime

Since the inception of cryptocurrency tech, cybercrime has spiked in the space tremendously. And with cybercriminals devising methods every day to obtain crypto illegally, companies and individuals are seeking solutions to protect themselves and their funds. Even governments are pumping a lot of resources into cracking down on such individuals. 

Is Helium (HNT) the Future of Wireless?

The Internet of Things is already a billion-dollar industry, with billions of connected devices as of today. Also, IoT spending is on track to reach almost $1.4 trillion by 2021. While the IoT industry continues to grow, it needs a secure and readily available internet to flourish. However, the available solutions, i.e., cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth, are either too expensive, too energy-intensive, or too limited in range. 

Is Bitcoin Cash a Good Investment?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency created in 2017 as a result of attempts to improve the performance of Bitcoin. BCH was spun off from Bitcoin (BTC) - the original cryptocurrency. 

What Ankr Network (ANKR) can do for Cloud Computing? 

Businesses worldwide are using cloud computing to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and increase deployment. Cloud service providers (CSPs) like Amazon's AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and others have been providing online storage services to companies worldwide for years. 

Investing in ICOs – What You Need to Know

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a strategy startups use to raise capital to fund a project by selling digital tokens. The project's nature could vary from building an app to creating a new service to developing a new cryptocurrency. It is a similar concept to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) - the sale of shares by corporations to raise lump sum capital. 

What Venus (XVS) can do for DeFi? 

Project after project is now rushing to cash in on the DeFi wave as the new blockchain-powered industry takes over the space. One of the latest DeFi projects to enter the scene is Venus Protocol, a liquidity pool and money market based on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Why Bitcoin is Here To Stay

Let's face it - at some point, we all thought that Bitcoin was going to collapse, but it didn't. Since its inception in 2009, this cryptocurrency has shown tremendous resilience throughout its lifetime. Bitcoin has had meteoric rises and falls, having gone to the highs of $20,000 at some point and plunged as low as $5,000 within months. PayCoin, SpaceBit, and many other digital currencies have collapsed, and so, the idea of a cryptocurrency failing is not foreign after all. So what makes Bitcoin special? Does this pioneer crypto really have nine lives, or is it a matter of time before it vanishes into the nether world? 

GoChain (GO): Where Reputation Matters

Blockchain has so much potential to transform not just how we do business but society itself. Its qualities of decentralization, immutability, and distributedness make for transparent, trustless, and fraud-free interactions. 

What is Ripple, and Should You Buy It?

Introduced in 2012, Ripple aimed to facilitate seamless, fast, and cheap global money transfers. It is different from other cryptocurrencies in the way it works and what it aims to achieve. Bitcoin came as a digital currency and Ethereum as a smart contracts platform. But Ripple entered the scene as a payments infrastructure. Today, its digital currency is among the most popular - only surpassed by Bitcoin and Ethereum in market capitalization.

Introducing Electra (ECA)

Before blockchain, people had to contend with slow and expensive cross-border transactions, and merchants had to give up high percentages of their revenue in the payment process. Well, it's still pretty much that way, but it doesn't have to be any longer. The revolutionary features of blockchain, such as decentralization, high-level security, and transparency, should change the game. 

What’s Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA)?

DeFi is the hottest topic in the crypto and blockchain space now, and the reason it's so popular is the countless benefits it affords users. Financial instruments have been a preserve of the top few elites for too long, and DeFi is set to change that. As of now, we have multiple DeFi projects aiming for the top spot in terms of offerings, user experience, and more. 

What’s PIVX All About?

Bitcoin has inspired thousands of cryptocurrencies. At the moment, there are 7,434 cryptocurrencies, according to Coinmarketcap. Each cryptocurrency comes with aspirations of being better than the last one in one way or another. Others want to solve the issues inherent with Bitcoin, such as lack of complete privacy, scalability issues, etc. 
Secalot hardware crypto wallet

Secalot wallet Review: Is It The Safest Hardware Wallet Yet?

Secalot is an all-in-one, security-focused crypto hardware wallet developed and launched into the Crypto market in 2017. It takes the form of a USB dongle that packs a wide range of operational, security, and privacy features. Unlike most USB-like hardware wallets characterized by an OLED on-device screen, Secalot uses a remote screen. It nevertheless has two buttons for authentication of crypto transactions.

Everything You Need to Know About RCHAIN (REV)

We always hear how blockchain is poised to change the world. But in reality, the technology hasn't really penetrated the real world in any significant way. The reason for this is flaws within the original blockchain setup, such as low scalability.

Introducing Flamingo (FLM): A Beginner’s Guide

As DeFi becomes more and more of an indispensable idea, blockchain platforms are rushing to capitalize on the wave. DeFi provides endless opportunities for users: lucrative gains on staking, instant borrowing, fraud-proof transactions, and more. 

SafePal S1 Hardware wallet Review: How Safe Is Safepal T Hardware...

SafePal S1 hardware crypto wallet was introduced to the crypto community in 2019. And though it's relatively new, SafePal is a highly innovative wallet that seeks to provide crypto users with a “Secure, Simple, and Enjoyable crypto management solution.” The wallet has the backing of prominent crypto industry players like Binance Exchange. It has also integrated a host of operational and security features to help it achieve this goal.

The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies for Trading

Cryptocurrencies present limitless opportunities for Forex traders. However, the prospect of trading with these non-traditional currencies can seem daunting, especially now that there are...

What’s Dusk (DUSK) All About?

Bitcoin actualized the idea of a decentralized currency, one that is beyond the control of any controlling authority and which lets users transact in a purely peer-to-peer fashion, removing the need for intermediaries. Built on top of the novel tech, 'blockchain,' Bitcoin inspired countless other cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications (DApps). 

Keevo Hardware Wallet Review: How Does Paperless Recovery Work & Is...

Keevo is a hardware crypto wallet developed by a San Francisco-based Fintech Company – BitKey Technologies Inc. And according to its developers, Keevo has...

Introducing Fetch.AI (FET): What’s Is It

Blockchain has been touted as a solution to countless modern-day problems. But what if it could be seen as a catalyst for innovation? You know, innovation that brings us products and services that we simply hadn't fathomed about before. 
Archos Safe T Mini crypto hardware wallet

Archos Safe-T Mini wallet Review: Features, Security, Ease of Use, Pros,...

Safe T Mini is an offline hardware wallet developed by Archos – the French Multinational electronics manufacturer – and introduced to the market in July 2018. It is an ultra-safe secure element hosted on a small circular device made of polycarbonate material. It is an off-shoot and the more affordable alternative of Archos flagship – Safe T Touch hardware wallet. But apart from the visual difference between the two Archos hardware devices, they share a similar commitment to maintaining user funds safe.

What’s NKN All About?

When the internet came, the idea was to have a reliable, safe, and diverse web where people from anywhere could visit and gain knowledge and information. But decades down the line, we have an internet that's increasingly censored, user data is insecure, and is vulnerable to more inefficiencies. 

Button wallet Review: How Safe The Telegram Messenger Linked wallet?

Button Wallet can be best described as a messenger-linked and multicurrency crypto vault. Unlike most other software wallets available in mobile and desktop apps or web extensions, Button Wallet is housed by the telegram app. It is more of an expertly crafted and feature-rich telegram bot created by ten highly experienced blockchain and programming experts who are currently based in San Francisco, California.

Introducing Loopring: A Step By Step Guide

The idea of blockchain was to empower people to have real ownership and control over their finances. However, that's not what we have today - at least when you consider a powerful player in the crypto space - exchanges. 
BitFi Crypto hardware wallet

BitFi Wallet Review: Is BitFi The Ford Knox Of Hardware Wallets?

BitFi is a smartphone-like hardware wallet designed and developed by John McAfee – the techpreneur behind McAfee Antivirus software. It is a highly intuitive crypto vault that integrates both industry standard and some innovative operational and security features. For instance, unlike most software and hardware crypto wallets that have a backup seed and store private keys offline, BitFi doesn’t provide you with a recovery seed, and neither does it integrate the cold storage feature.

What is Bella? Here’s All You Need to Know

It's safe to say the future of finance is DeFi. DeFi, short for decentralized finance, is not only the idea of a democratized finance system but one with new and bold propositions for users. Blockchain-based finance will phase out intermediaries and inject transparency and fairness into the system. 

Multis Wallet Review: How Is This Wallet Different From The Others?

Multis is a crypto bank for corporates. The crypto bank is a new, evolving class of financial institutions (also known as neo banks) that offer a lot of the services proffered by traditional banks, but with a few key differences. For starters, crypto banks deal primarily with cryptocurrencies. Secondly, unlike traditional banks, crypto banks are decentralized in nature.

What’s Sandbox (SAND): A Beginner Guide

Online gaming is a favorite pastime for millions of players around the world. However, the current structure is beset with problems such as fraud, lack of guaranteed security, and game creators not getting their fair share of the revenue. In an extremely skewed version of events, it's powerful entities that own the rights to games and not the actual owners. 

Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet Review: What Sets This Wallet Apart?

The Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet is a wallet that stores Bitcoin Gold coins. Bitcoin Gold –like Bitcoin Cash- is a fork of the original Bitcoin currency. It aims to fix one of Bitcoin’s flaws; the increasing centralization of Bitcoin’s mining industry. The original creators of Bitcoin wanted anyone to be able to mine with their personal computer and earn some extra cash from their spare computing cycles.

What’s PerlinX (PERL) All About?

Following Blockchain's birth, the financial landscape is changing very fast. Now we're talking of decentralized finance (DeFi), synthetic assets, liquidity pools, and other concepts that simply didn't exist before. And all these are to the benefit of millions of people across the globe who were previously excluded from the financial system. 
XZEN crypto hardware wallet

XZEN Hardware Wallet Review: Security, Fees, Ease of Use, Pros, And...

XZEN website describes its hardware wallet as a “Hybrid cybersecurity system” that “Combines hardware, software, and services” in guaranteeing maximum security, transparency, and the highest levels of user experience. It was designed and developed by an Estonian Virtual currency wallet and exchange services provider, XZEN EST Ltd, and launched in 2018. It is the native wallet for the XZEN exchange and features a mobile app companion that hosts such interactive services as the crypto exchange and payment service processor.

What’s Wing (WING)? 

Blockchain opened the way for all kinds of imagination for finance. Thanks to the tech, we now have DeFi - short of decentralized finance - which is the idea that people can have total power and control over their financial lives. This contrasts with the current system where we lack autonomy over our own money, and we have to rely on centralized entities like banks to safeguard it. 
Walahala hardware wallet

Walahala Hardware Wallet Review: Is Walahala A Safe Hardware Wallet or...

On the Walahala website, the hardware wallet is described as a next-generation crypto vault. A hardware crypto vault specially designed to give you more control over your digital assets by allowing you to carry all your cryptocurrencies and tokens in one sleek and smart wallet. This hardware wallet takes the shape, size, and weight of a regular credit/debit card but connects directly to your phone or computer via the USB port. It was developed by Walahala – a blockchain technology company – and introduced to the crypto world in late 2019.

What’s V-ID (VIDT) All About?

Our lives are very much dependent on the internet these days. Whether it's everyday work, or file storage, social media, it's nearly impossible to imagine a non-digital life. 
Blockchain Lockbox crypto hardware wallet

Blockchain Lockbox wallet Review: How Safe Is This Blockchain Hardware Wallet?

Blockchain Lockbox is an exclusive hardware wallet that's specially designed to complement the all-popular Blockchain web wallet. Launched in October 2018, Blockchain Lockbox was designed and created by Blockchain wallet founders in collaboration with Ledger Technology Company. According to Blockchain Wallet CEO, Peter Smith, the hardware wallet is supposed to offer their platform users the option and means to manage their digital assets seamlessly, online and offline.

How Fundamental Factors Influence the Price of Cryptocurrencies

Investors believe in positive news and ignore the prohibitions of China and South Korea. On the eve of Segwit2x bitcoin for several days, it...

Crypto-Addiction: When the Bubble is Not the Only Risk

Volatility in the markets is indissoluble from human passions and influences that mass psychology that also computes in stock prices in the markets. With...

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Its Use in the Financial World

In this post, we will explain a new payment method and also a new way of making transfers that is simpler and safer than...
Lisk Hub web wallet

LISK HUB wallet Review: Is It The Safest Lisk Blockchain Wallet...

Lisk Hub wallet is the official web and desktop app wallet for the Lisk blockchain. It was created by the Lisk Blockchain developers and launched in February 2018. And with the discontinuation of the full stack Lisk Nano wallet, Hub has become increasingly popular with the Lisk blockchain enthusiasts. According to its developers, the wallet is specially designed to serve both expert and beginner crypto investors by providing the user with the “best experience and security.” The wallet replicates and improves on all the operational and security measures embraced by Lisk Nano.
ICONEX crypto wallet app

ICONEX wallet Review: Is It The Safest Neo Blockchain Wallet Yet?

ICONEX is the official wallet for the ICON blockchain network. It was developed by ICON Foundation and introduced to the crypto community in February 2018. And at the time of launching, the Iconex wallet was an online wallet – only available as an extension of the Google Chrome browser.
Airbitz wallet app is now EDGE Crypto app

AIRBITZ (EDGE) Wallet Review: Features, Security, Fees, And Ease Of Use

Airbitz bitcoin wallet app recently underwent a major rebranding that saw its name to Edge wallet. In addition to the open-sourced crypto mobile app, it was also subjected to massive structural changes that aim at making it the most secure and easy to use the wallet.
Natrium crypto wallet mobile app

Natrium Mobile wallet Review: Is It The Safest Neo Blockchain Wallet...

Natrium wallet is a mobile crypto app developed by Appdito and introduced to the Nano community in August 2018. It is an open-sourced mobile app specially designed to further Nano Blockchain’s versatility while guaranteeing the security of the user’s digital assets. Though the community developed it, the wallet app has been subjected to numerous security audits sanctioned by the Nano Foundation that helped push it up the list of most reliable Nano wallets.

Are Cryptocurrencies the New Global Currency?

The irresistible exaggeration surrounding crypto-madness cannot be denied. The digital currency has seduced the imagination of investors, journalists, and the general public, and today,...

What You Need to Know About DigixDao 

Would you have thought that it was possible to own gold even if you're not a millionaire?  That is now possible thanks to blockchain-enabled tokenization. 
Argent crypto wallet app

Argent wallet Review: Is It The Safest Mobile Wallet App Yet?

Argent is a smart contract wallet developed by Gerald, Julien, and Itamar of Argent Labs and launched in 2018. It is a revolutionary crypto wallet that embraces futuristic security and privacy measures in keeping your private keys safe. For instance, instead of the recovery seed synonymous with virtually every wallet’s security, the wallet introduces “Argent Guardians.” 

What’s Measurable Data Token All About? 

Living in the digital age means we leave digital footprints every time we log in to an application. This data is very lucrative to the companies behind these applications - it's like the new oil, and yet the owners of that data do not benefit from it in any meaningful way. Additionally, they have almost no control over their data privacy.
NEON desktop wallet app

NEON Wallet Review: Is It The Safest Neo Blockchain Wallet Yet?

NEON Wallet makes it to the list of the most popular wallets designed to store and facilitate your interaction with NEO coins and tokens built on the Neo blockchain. It's an open-sourced desktop wallet app developed by the City of Zion team and introduced to the world in July 2017. And though it isn’t the official Neo wallet, its code has been reviewed, tested, and approved by the Neo Network developers.