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This Educational Library will cover every subject related to the cryptocurrency sector. Bitcoin will have its unique place as the leading digital currency. We will take a particular interest in themes associated with the top ten coins and tokens; also, articles covering new digital technologies and advancements in DLT technologies. All aspects of the technology such as security, anonymity, wallets, buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies will also be covered.cryptocurrencies will also be covered.

Top 5 Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallets

Did you know that Bitcoin is not anonymous? Yes, your public address can be used to link your transactions with your real identity. This is obviously,  not ideal because if it happens, an attacker will stop at nothing to hack your account. And at this point, you already know that crypto is the target of all manner of scams, fraud, and theft attempts. What this means is you cannot leave any stone unturned when it comes to protecting your crypto funds. 
Archos Safe T Mini crypto hardware wallet

Archos Safe-T Mini wallet Review: Features, Security, Ease of Use, Pros,...

Safe T Mini is an offline hardware wallet developed by Archos – the French Multinational electronics manufacturer – and introduced to the market in July 2018. It is an ultra-safe secure element hosted on a small circular device made of polycarbonate material. It is an off-shoot and the more affordable alternative of Archos flagship – Safe T Touch hardware wallet. But apart from the visual difference between the two Archos hardware devices, they share a similar commitment to maintaining user funds safe.

Enterprise Blockchains: Everything you will ever need to know

A quick search on the internet about the most popular technologies will almost inevitably yield blockchain as one. Brought into existence by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, blockchain was once dismissed as a fleeting fad, but now it’s one of the most talked-about and valued technologies. So much that industry after industry is exploring to see how it can help them accomplish tasks in faster, cheaper, more transparent, and more accurate fashions. 

The Supply Structure of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are unlike any other asset in several ways. One of these is their deflationary nature. Just like fiat currency, cryptocurrencies will decline in value if their supply exceeds demand.

Are Cryptocurrencies the New Global Currency?

The irresistible exaggeration surrounding crypto-madness cannot be denied. The digital currency has seduced the imagination of investors, journalists, and the general public, and today,...

Cryptocurrency Investment Guide: Ripple

Ripple (XRP) is one of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies out there, next to other big options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a few others....

What’s EOS? A Beginner’s Guide

The first (Bitcoin) and second (Ethereum) generation blockchains each brought groundbreaking innovations in the blockchain space. Bitcoin pioneered the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency - completely changing the face of finance. Ethereum took the idea of blockchain and expanded it to include smart contracts and decentralized applications. 

Introducing the Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP)

Security issuance in the traditional world is faced with so many challenges. And many of these challenges stem from the centralized nature of the system - from costly intermediaries to inaccurate records to fraud-prone processes.

Why the United States Senate is Mulling over Digitizing the Dollar

About two years ago, the concept of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), particularly in the United States, seemed far away in the future. Sure, there have been several studies exploring the implementation and use cases of CBDCs, but to the average person, the concept was still unclear. Fast forward two years, the Senate Banking Committee tabled a bill known as "Banking For all Act" that seeks to digitize the U.S.U.S. dollar. 

Binance Coin: All you need to know

Binance coin is a crypto token created by the cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance. The coin is denoted by the symbol BNB. Launched in July 2017, the cryptocurrency initially ran on