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This Educational Library will cover every subject related to the cryptocurrency sector. Bitcoin will have its unique place as the leading digital currency. We will take a particular interest in themes associated with the top ten coins and tokens; also, articles covering new digital technologies and advancements in DLT technologies. All aspects of the technology such as security, anonymity, wallets, buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies will also be covered.cryptocurrencies will also be covered.

What Is It Like Investing in Tezos (XTZ)?

Smart contract safety, long-term upgradability, and open participation: these are the problems Tezos promised to solve when it was created in 2018. So, the developers built the network to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions and launch smart contracts. Behind the network sits the Tez (also called Tezzie) digital token, which is the focus of this article. 

Will dot Crypto Domains Phase Out The Cryptocurrency Wallets?

Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies has always been complicated. You always have to deal with the rather complex crypto addresses. But all this is about to change with the introduction of .crypto domains by Unstoppable Domains to the crypto world. According to the software company, the .crypto domains will gradually phase out the need for complicated wallet addresses.

CDC Turns to Blockchain to Keep Track of Outbreaks

The United States government has been one of the first governments in the world to embrace the blockchain technology. While it was very apprehensive of it largely because of the threat of blockchain, but it has not been long before it realized its many other benefits.

Here are The Weirdest Cryptocurrencies

Nothing is more democratic than cryptocurrencies. Being decentralized, peer-to-peer and having almost no barrier for entry, it means that anyone can come up with their idea of what they consider as a unique addition to the crypto space, which is why we have 2000+ cryptocurrencies in existence today. 

9 Signs Your Crypto Investment Is About To Go Down

Crypto investments are inherently risky. At some point in the course of your journey, you will undoubtedly lose (part) of your investment. You could be contemplating investing, or you might actually be deep into the game. Whichever the case, losing your investment can be traumatic to the extent that you might want to avoid crypto altogether. 

Your Complete Guide to Using Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

While trading cryptocurrency is fairly straightforward, it can be quite a draining task trying to keep tabs on market trends, considering that the crypto market never closes. On top of it all, the unpredictable market's volatility doesn't make things easier for both new and experienced crypto traders. This is where trading bots come into play. 

Why you Should Consider Staking Cryptocurrencies

The most popular way to make money in the crypto industry is trading or mining. But recently, the two methods are proving difficult due to unprecedented market trends and the high electric power consumption associated with mining. 

Forex Vs. Crypto Trading: Which one is a Safer Investment Option? 

In the last few years, both forex and cryptocurrency markets have exploded in popularity as more people seek alternative ways of earning passive income. Forex currency exchange (forex), in particular, has been around for much longer but was initially accessible only to a wealthy class of investors. It was not until a few years ago that forex trading became accessible to all classes of investors, thanks to the proliferation of online brokers. 

Qtum Core Wallet Review: Features, Safety, and Setup Guide

Are you looking for an open-source, public blockchain platform that is capable of leveraging the simplicity and security advantages of Bitcoin’s UTXO protocol while integrating the flexibility and convenience offered by smart contracts? If yes, the Qtum Core wallet might be your ideal option. It enables two virtual machines: Qtum’s native x86 VM and Ethereum’s EVM. Note that Qtum Core is the only cryptocurrency wallet that supports the “Send To Smart Contract” feature. Also, if you want to receive MedCoin (MED), you need to have a valid Qtum Core Wallet. 

GoChain (GO): Where Reputation Matters

Blockchain has so much potential to transform not just how we do business but society itself. Its qualities of decentralization, immutability, and distributedness make for transparent, trustless, and fraud-free interactions. 

Top Tips to Secure Your Bitcoin against Theft

Bitcoin inspires all sorts of motivations - from noble ones to less noble ones. It’s an asset class that’s targeted by scammers at an incredibly high rate. Each year, individuals and crypto exchanges lose millions of dollars to such theft.

Liquidity Auctions: Are They The Missing Piece to DeFi Liquidity Problems?

Liquidity is a financial concept, and it applies as much in decentralized ecosystems as it does in traditional, centralized finance. It refers to the...
BitFi Crypto hardware wallet

BitFi Wallet Review: Is BitFi The Ford Knox Of Hardware Wallets?

BitFi is a smartphone-like hardware wallet designed and developed by John McAfee – the techpreneur behind McAfee Antivirus software. It is a highly intuitive crypto vault that integrates both industry standard and some innovative operational and security features. For instance, unlike most software and hardware crypto wallets that have a backup seed and store private keys offline, BitFi doesn’t provide you with a recovery seed, and neither does it integrate the cold storage feature.
Argent crypto wallet app

Argent wallet Review: Is It The Safest Mobile Wallet App Yet?

Argent is a smart contract wallet developed by Gerald, Julien, and Itamar of Argent Labs and launched in 2018. It is a revolutionary crypto wallet that embraces futuristic security and privacy measures in keeping your private keys safe. For instance, instead of the recovery seed synonymous with virtually every wallet’s security, the wallet introduces “Argent Guardians.” 

What’s MovieBloc (MBL) All About? 

The film industry is dominated by powerful gatekeepers. These gatekeepers control not just the money but also the airtime. In this setup, small, independent filmmakers and audiences get the short end of the stick. And even the 'mainstream' filmmakers are disadvantaged because they can only create content that caters to a commercial end. And audiences never get to see what could have been if not for these restrictions. 

Best Decentralized Messaging Apps 

We live in times when personal privacy and security have never been more prized. And this is because we live in a digital age where anyone with enough resources can track your communications and whereabouts at will. Governments are particularly notorious at this. It's not uncommon to find a government is peeping into the private communications of its citizens. It's even worse when you're considered a dissident in an authoritarian regime. 

Counter Wallet Review 2020: Is It Safe? Is It Easy To...

CounterWallet is the official crypto wallet for Counterparty – a peer-to-peer financial services provider launched in January 2014. It is highly innovative and seeks to revolutionize how we store and interact with crypto wallets and private keys by providing an alternative to standard backup or recovery options. It is built on the bitcoin blockchain and is one of the few crypto wallets, and protocols by extension, that provides users with the tools required to create Bitcoin network tokens.

What’s Waves All About?

Blockchain empowers people, organizations, and other entities to realize faster, more transparent, and trustless processes. But this is not just what the tech can accomplish. In fact, the tech was brought to life so it could support cryptocurrencies, which, in a nutshell, is internet-based, cryptographically-secured, and decentralized money. Thousands of blockchain-based currencies exist today. 
Loafwallet crypto vault

Loaf Wallet Review: How Safe And Effective Is This Mobile-Only Crypto...

The Loaf wallet is often described as the official and standalone mobile wallet for Litecoin. It was created and introduced to the crypto industry by Charlie Lee and the Singapore based Litecoin Foundation. And according to the Loaf wallet website, it was established to help Litecoin enthusiasts store and trade Litecoins using their mobile devices. In 2019, however, this mobile-first Litecoin wallet app changed its name to LiteWallet app.

Bitcoin: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Bitcoin is a crazy beast! It's had some huge ups and downs over the past few years for those that are trading it as...

Cryptocurrency and Taxes

Days are gone when cryptocurrency was seen as a fringe currency only suitable for criminal activity. The asset class is now more legitimate in the eyes of the public (and some governments) more than ever. Some employers now pay employees with cryptocurrency, plenty of merchants now use cryptocurrency for transactions, and millions hold the e-currency as a digital store of value.

Bitcoin’s Third Halving: Here’s what to expect

Bitcoin's third halving will take place today around 6.50 pm GMT. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $8783.94, with 18, 374, 362 bitcoins in circulation. The halving will take place at block height 630,000. At the time of writing, we're at block height 629, 951. The halving will see mining block rewards reduced from the current 12.5BTC to 6.25 BTC. 

Luno Wallet Review: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About...

Luno Wallet is a fast-growing crypto storage vault created by Timothy Stranex, an ex-Google engineer. The wallet seeks to provide its users with a balance between security and ease of use. It is the official crypto wallet for the Luno crypto exchange that started in 2013 as BitX before rebranding to Luno in 2016. Both the Luno exchange wallet and exchange are headquartered in London but maintain satellite offices in South Africa and Singapore.

Muun Wallet Review:  How Safe Is Muun Bitcoin And Lightning Wallet?

Muun is a bitcoin and Lightning wallet that strives to presents its users with a balance between usability and security. It integrates highly intuitive usability features with advanced security features to achieve this. The wallet was developed and maintained by a team of 15 highly experienced blockchain technology and crypto security experts based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some of their strengths include maintaining the most responsive customer support team and their commitment to transparency.

Is This a Good Time to Invest in Ripple?

When selecting a good crypto investment (actually any investment), even seasoned investors can never be too sure. Ripple is one of the several offerings investors can choose from, and no doubt, it has its fair share of both risks and prospects, just like all other crypto investments. 

The Upsides and Downsides of Trading Forex with Bitcoin

Forex trading and cryptocurrency trading are the most popular investments for the modern investor. Forex trading, in particular, is the largest trading market in the globe - operating every single hour of every single day.  Cryptocurrencies, which have become uber-popular in less than a decade, have injected a very interesting dimension to the investment landscape. 

The R3 Corda Project

Many people think that blockchain and distributed ledger technology are the same things. But as you will realize in this article, blockchain is one type of distributed ledger technology. There is no doubt that blockchain outshines all other types of distributed ledgers. After all, blockchain’s first application was Bitcoin – which is, to put it like this: a celebrity digital currency.

Zilliqa Blockchain: What Is Ziliqa And How Is It Turning Blockchain...

Anyone that's transacted on the Bitcoin blockchain is aware of how long transactions take to be confirmed. In fact, Bitcoin transactions can take anything from 10 minutes to one day, depending on traffic. One of the things a digital currency is supposed to accomplish is speed. This is one goal that's yet to manifest for Bitcoin and, indeed, the majority of blockchains.

What’s the Melon Protocol? 

The professional management of asset funds is nothing new. However, the fund management industry is ineffective due to a lack of standardization across-the-board. This makes operations and auditing processes fairly opaque endeavors - and this does no favor to the industry. Another pain point is the usually high cost of setting up an asset management fund, both timewise and financially. And there's yet another issue - the industry is plagued by outdated infrastructure. This makes room for errors and inefficiencies. 

Top 5 Trends Driving the Crypto Market Right Now

2020 was an interesting year for crypto. From the market crash in March to Bitcoin rebounding past $15k for the first time in two years, to DeFi exploding than ever before, this was not your average year for the industry. But beneath these events were unseen undercurrents that were driving everything. 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Don’t open an exchange account before reading this

In the early days of Bitcoin, getting your hands on some crypto meant mining or meeting someone physically and paying cash. However, Bitcoin becoming more popular and other cryptocurrencies coming on the scene meant there had to be a simpler and safer way of getting crypto. The old method of one on one wasn’t going to be sustainable anymore.

The Best Use Cases For Decentralized Finance Projects

There's hardly a facet of our lives left untouched by blockchain technology. From the most ubiquitous to the complex of our engagements, its effects are discernible. But perhaps the one sector where its effects are most discernible is in finance. The shortfalls of the legacy financial systems provide the right environment for innovation to sprout. Fintech firms are outdoing themselves in the production of products and technologies aimed at bettering users' experiences.

Top 20 Fun & Interesting Facts About Bitcoin: Part 3

We are heading confidently to the 20th fun fact on Bitcoin but the facts should not be taken lightly. These factors we’ve discussed in...

Introducing AXIA: Here Is a Detailed Guide

These days, it's almost impossible to go a day without seeing another blockchain headline. And that's because it's one of the hottest technologies of...

How to Spot Scams in Decentralized Finance 

If you have been in the crypto industry for more than a minute, you've probably heard about decentralized finance (DeFi). It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the crypto scene, having registered an 1116% increase this year. DeFi grew tremendously, increasing from $674 million in January to $14.185 billion today.

BC Vault Hardware Wallet In-Depth Review: Is It The Most Secure...

Designed by Real Security, a Slovenia-based firm, BC Vault (short for Bitcoin Vault) is a relatively new hardware wallet that provides you with a safe way to store your cryptocurrencies. It is one of the most unique and most innovative hardware wallets we have come across. It seeks to replace some of the most common aspects of a hardware wallet with more secure and highly innovative features.
Airbitz wallet app is now EDGE Crypto app

AIRBITZ (EDGE) Wallet Review: Features, Security, Fees, And Ease Of Use

Airbitz bitcoin wallet app recently underwent a major rebranding that saw its name to Edge wallet. In addition to the open-sourced crypto mobile app, it was also subjected to massive structural changes that aim at making it the most secure and easy to use the wallet.

What is Ripple? A Complete Guide to the Cryptocurrency

Ripple has undoubtedly made a ripple in the world of finance and the cryptocurrency community. From making headlines for alleged price manipulation to its unusual monetary policy, the currency has

5 Crucial Principles for Investing in DeFi

Unless you’ve been blind to the crypto industry in 2020, you’ve undoubtedly caught wind of the DeFi craze. On the one hand, some investors are minting lucrative yields from the industry. On the other, some are losing their life savings. 

Peach wallet Review: Is Peach The Safest Wallet For The Lightning...

Lightning Peach Wallet is an enterprise-focused crypto vault that’s specially designed to help you process micro-payments done on the lightning network. It is developed and maintained by the BitFury Lightning Network team and aims to help your business become crypto-ready. To this end, the wallet has incorporated several key features, including a fee-free payment processing service for all transactions carried on the lightning network and the integration of eCommerce plugins. The Lightning Peach wallet website also claims that the branded wallet is highly customizable, allowing you to scale up and feature more products and services for your business.

Top Crypto Cashback Apps 2020

Crypto cashbacks or crypto awards are programs that allow you to get small Bitcoin awards when you spend money in a store. When you make a purchase, you'll instantly be rewarded with a fraction of what you spent. The rewards will be in the smallest units of Bitcoin - satoshis.

Unbiased Facts about Crypto Trading Part 4: Crypto Outlook

These are some of the topics we’ve covered in this series, focusing on cryptocurrencies, changes that have already taken place, and opportunities for you...

Overview of PoW and PoS Consensus Algorithms

One of Ethereum’s most anticipated updates in 2018-2019 is the final part called Serenity, which will lead to the shift of the consensus algorithm...
Crypto Tax | Finance Academy

Cryptocurrency Tax Guide – How to File and Pay Taxes on...

The longest-held sentiment among crypto enthusiasts is that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will one day be recognized as a medium of exchange by governments. If that were to happen, it would not only accelerate the maturation of the cryptocurrency market but also promote world-wide adoption of virtual currencies. 

NANO vs. BAT: The coins to watch in 2019 and beyond

Are you considering investing in cryptocurrencies? Read on to understand just why NANO and BAT should form part of your portfolio. The meteoric rise of digital assets over the past

What’s Vite (VITE) All About?

Ethereum introduced smart contracts, and 5 years on, it's still the premier destination for many developers. This is because the network still wields a lot of clout as the pioneer of the technology. However, the Ethereum network is far from perfect, and it faces some challenges like lack of scalability and higher fees that make things hard for developers. 

How Blockchain can Improve Trade Finance

Blockchain technology continues to dominate headlines across the world thanks to its revolutionary solutions. In fact, an almost never-ending list of projects have been rolled out in various industries, demonstrating the benefits of this technology. 

18 Cryptocurrency Scams You Need to Know About 

Ten years into their existence, cryptocurrencies are still confusing to users. Combine this with the fact that some smart investors who got in early made a lot of money during the 2017 crypto boom. This has earned the asset class some allure, making them highly lucrative to investors. Also, cryptocurrencies are still largely unregulated. This combination makes them a ripe target for opportunists and fraudsters who have perfected the art of certain scams.

What is Ripple, and Should You Buy It?

Introduced in 2012, Ripple aimed to facilitate seamless, fast, and cheap global money transfers. It is different from other cryptocurrencies in the way it works and what it aims to achieve. Bitcoin came as a digital currency and Ethereum as a smart contracts platform. But Ripple entered the scene as a payments infrastructure. Today, its digital currency is among the most popular - only surpassed by Bitcoin and Ethereum in market capitalization.

Beginner’s Guide to Bancor (BNT) 

In the stiff competition of cryptoverse, it's easy for big-name cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to hog nearly all the limelight and market activity, leaving lesser-known projects scrambling for half the attention.