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Buying Bitcoin with Skrill: Don’t Try Before Reading This!


Bitcoin is the world’s most popular currency. So it’s not a surprise that most payment platforms worth their salt support the currency. One of these platforms is Skrill, the London-headquartered money transfer company that’s now one of the most popular globally. 

This article looks at how you can purchase Bitcoin via Skrill. We’ll dive briefly into what Skrill is, whether you should consider using it, and the best places to buy BTC with Skrill. 

What is Skrill?

Skrill is an international payment platform through which users can transfer, send, and receive money from across the globe. It sets itself apart from other money transfer companies such as PayPal through low-cost transactions. You can open a Skrill account in any of the 30+ supported currencies. Once you have an account, you can add other currencies if you’d like to receive payments in different currencies. Skrill is widely accepted by merchants worldwide, including cryptocurrency exchanges, which is why you need to know how you can purchase Bitcoin using Skrill. 

Should You Buy Bitcoin with Skrill?

Wondering whether it’s worth buying Bitcoin from Skrill? Apart from being just another option (the more options you have, the better), Skrill can save you some money. Additionally, you can buy Bitcoin directly from your Skrill account with your local Fiat currency. There are many ways you can fund your Skrill account to facilitate a crypto purchase. Skrill also offers convenience and ease of use through its mobile app. Finally, crypto purchases are instant, and your account is credited with the balance within seconds. 

With that, let’s take a look at where and how you can do it so. 

Best Places to Buy Bitcoin with Skrill

#1. Skrill

Skrill itself is one of the best places where you can buy BTC. Buying Bitcoin from Skrill is incredibly easy and straightforward. If you have an account, you will see the option when you log in. The interface is particularly user-friendly – simple, elegant, and minimally designed. 

To buy BTC from your Skrill account, you will need to fund it first. The quickest way to do so is to use your credit card. Whichever card you’re using, funding your account will cost you around 2.5% of the transaction value. Most of the major cards are accepted. 

Apart from Bitcoin, you can also buy other major cryptos on the platform. This is especially important if you’d like to diversify your crypto investment portfolio. As a bonus, you can also sell crypto from within your Skrill account. So buying BTC on Skrill is not only highly convenient, but it’s also option rich. 

#2. Paxful

Paxful is a peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin marketplace launched in 2015. The platform allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin to other users. Like all other P2P marketplaces, users can browse through different seller profiles and select the one that offers the best rates and accepts Skrill payments.

Whether you have an account or not, Paxful allows you to filter sellers by country, accepted payment methods, and so on. When you select a seller, the platform gives you more details regarding the offer and the seller. You can even see the seller’s rate in comparison to the average market rates and determine whether their offer is fair. If your Skrill account is already funded, buying Bitcoin from Paxful is super easy. You will only need to check out with Skrill and complete the easy steps that follow. 

Best of all, Paxful summarizes many options for you, allowing you to quickly and simply purchase Bitcoin. 

#3. Capital.com

Capital.com is a UK-based crypto broker that allows users to buy and sell most of the major cryptocurrencies. Since it’s a broker, you’ll be either buying or selling directly to the company. If you are conscious of the risks of buying crypto from a P2P exchange, Capital.com is a great go-to option. 

#4. eToro

eToro is one of the biggest crypto exchanges, and it supports buying Bitcoin using Skrill. eToro is a social trading platform, which means it allows you to copy-trade. The platform is designed mostly for experienced traders. Nevertheless, its copy trading feature allows novices to take part.

When it comes to buying Bitcoin, eToro is one of the most sophisticated trading platforms. It presents multiple dashboards offering a preview of the most important BTC indicators, real-time prices included. Setting up an account is a little cumbersome as it requires you to provide numerous details. However, once all is set up, the rest of the purchase process is relatively easy. 

#5. Coingate

Coingate is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows businesses across the globe to accept Bitcoin. Crypto traders can also buy and sell their digital assets on the platform without making any deposit. When you choose to buy Bitcoin using Skrill, you’ll be able to make an instant payment without the need for registration or verification, as long as you’re verified on the platform. Coingate’s speed and ease of use make it an ideal option for users who want to buy Bitcoin quickly and without hassle. 

Coingate is sometimes criticized for offering poor rates and unsatisfactory customer service. However, user experience on the platform is generally smooth, and you’re unlikely to face challenges buying Bitcoin or paying with your Skrill account. 

#6. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a world-famous crypto exchange that allows users to buy and sell various digital assets with the convenience of mobile and desktop options. Bitpanda has made buying/selling Bitcoin as easy as ABC. To buy Bitcoin with Skrill on Bitpanda, you need only follow three steps:

  • Create a Bitpanda account or log in if you have an existing one.
  • Verify your identity and fund your Bitpanda wallet. When depositing funds, you will be directed to select the source of funds, where you’ll choose Skrill.
  • Proceed to buy Bitcoin.

The difference between Bitpanda and Coingate is that with Coingate, you have to fund your Coingate account first. However, the whole buying experience is fast and user-friendly. 

Final Thoughts

Skrill is one of the most recognized global money transfer platforms. The platform attracts users with its low-cost money transfer offerings. When it comes to buying Bitcoin with Skrill, users get various options ranging from Skrill itself to the numerous exchanges that accept Skrill payments. If you’re using Skrill on a different platform, you need to evaluate the platform’s ease of use, transaction fees, and available withdrawal options. As for Skrill itself, Bitcoin purchases are simple and instant, which you should take advantage of.


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