In-Depth Review: Features, Privacy, Pros, and Cons


If you are a crypto enthusiast, you have probably heard or even used It is one of the widely used websites today. The site was launched in 2011 and is regarded as one of the best cryptocurrency platforms. is more than a wallet. It shows the transactions of bitcoins and the current status value while keeping users updated with the current trend.

Among the things that have significantly contributed to its popularity is the criterion integrated into its payment structure. Even so, what are some of its top features? How does it compare to other cryptocurrency websites? Stick along as we have prepared a detailed insight into However, before we get into detail, let’s first take a peek into its top features.


Blockchain.ifo Features

OS compatibility: is compatible with both Android and iOS. Its app can be downloaded from play store or iTunes.

Backup Recovery Phrase: This security feature is specially designed to enable users to backup their wallets in case it is lost or stolen. The website provides users with a unique phrase of words that can be used to retrieve your wallet from another device.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Apart from the backup recovery phrase security feature, you can also set up two-factor Authentication using your verified phone number.

PIN Protection: allows mobile users to set a PIN to protect their wallets from unauthorized access. Users will be required to key in the necessary PIN every time they want to access the wallet.

Multiple languages: The best thing about is that it supports over 25 languages for ease of communication.

QR cord support: If you want to enjoy quick transactions, the best way to conduct transactions is to use its QR code.

Multi-signature: Security is critical in As a result, the website allows its users to sign in from multiple devices. That way, it makes it quite hard for a hacker to identify the original user. Privacy

Typically, the main reason why the majority of crypto users use is to enhance the privacy of their wallets. There are three security levels at Here is how they break down:

Level One

  • Email verification– By verifying your email address, you allow the website to send you notifications about any activity on your account, send you login codes to confirm payments, and many more.
  • Backup phrase– Users are required to backup a secret phrase that will be provided during sign up. Note that due to the company’s commitment to enhancing their user’s privacy, they do not have access to passwords and, thus, cannot help users in recovering their funds if they lose the backup phrase.

Level Two

  • Link to your mobile phone– In case someone time tries to log into your account, you will receive a one-time login via mobile to reset your password.
  • 2-step verification– If this security feature is activated, users will receive a one-time password code each time the user attempts to log in.

Level Three

  • Block IP addresses from Tor Network– This option is fundamental to prevent phishing activities from hackers using the Tor network. The website’s security feature is capable of blocking any IP address from the Tor network.

Apart from the above three-tire security levels, you can also utilize the “security center” section strategically located on the left side of the website.

Supported Currencies

Unlike the majority of platforms that offer bitcoin wallet services only, Blockchain accepts both Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BTC). Although bitcoins are the only ones you can buy directly from the platform or other linked exchanges, you can transfer both currencies in and out of your wallet. What’s more, you can exchange the coins with each other at any given time.

Guide to Opening a Blockchain.Info Wallet

Step 1: Download the app

Depending on the type of platform you are using, signing up should be the first option for registering your details at wallet. Android users can download the app from Playstore, while those using iOS can get it from iTunes. Alternatively, you can also register your details from its web platform.

Step 2: Sign up

After downloading the app, click on “create wallet” to sign up. Fill in your email address and create a password. After doing so, confirm you have read the terms and conditions and continue to the next step. Hit the “request button” to start buying Ethereum or Bitcoin. Note that you will be required to confirm your email address before you can be allowed to transact with the account.

How to Add Currency to Your Account

So, what happens after clicking on the “request” button? You will be required to select your currency of choice. In this wallet, it can either be Ethereum or Bitcoin. After choosing your ideal cryptocurrency option, you will be required to enter your wallet address, which seemingly looks like a long string of letters and numbers. Anyone with your address can comfortably send you the appropriate currency with the address.

Most importantly, ensure you send Ether to the Ether address only and bitcoin to the bitcoin address only. Submitting to the wrong address might result in a permanent loss of your funds. If you don’t have either of the cryptocurrencies in another wallet, ensure you transfer the required type to your new account before making a transaction. Alternatively, you can exchange it with fiat or other platforms such as Coinbase.

How to Send Payments with Your Blockchain.Info Wallet

Making payments with your wallet is quite easy. All you are required to do is click the “send” button on your dashboard and follow the prompts. You will be asked to enter the wallet address and the ideal amount you wish to send. Additionally, the website also integrates an automatic conversion feature that allows you to type in the desired value using either cryptocurrency or your local currency. It will display the total in both cases for easy comparison.

You will also have an option to enter a description or provide more details about the payment. Further, if the transaction is urgent, you can make it a “priority.” However, your sending fee might incur additional charges. You might also choose to “customize Fee” and specify a specific rate. Note that transactions with higher costs might, sometimes, prove to be faster and vice versa. Once you are done, click “Continue” to confirm the details and correct and complete the deal.

Is Wallet Safe?

Yes, the wallet is safe. The website had a security update back in 2016 and is, in fact, one of the best crypto wallets with advanced security features. As mentioned earlier, offers a three-tier security infrastructure. You will be required to safeguard your wallet with email verification, and then use a secret phrase. Finally, secure your details with the third-tier option of blocking your IP addresses from being accessed by the Tor network.

Apart from that, every address at is protected with the hierarchical deterministic feature. Every user using Ethereum or Bitcoin address at is guaranteed optimum safety while conducting any online transaction. It also provides an additional PIN as an added security feature. For this reason, it is, without a doubt, safe to say that is indeed safe to use.

Customer Care

There are a couple of ways to contact the wallet. You can either use the ticket method to contact the support team directly or use email. Besides, they also feature an extensive FAQ section where users can get quick answers to the commonly asked questions. Its customer care platform is indeed some of the critical things that have significantly contributed to its fame as an old but the most trusted cryptocurrency wallet.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain.Info Wallet


  • Its services are available globally.
  • The website offers a myriad of security functions.
  • No verification is required.
  • It charges minimal transaction fees.
  • Historical and statistics information chart is provided.
  • Hierarchical deterministic is available for every transaction.
  • Its user interface is highly intuitive.


  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum are the only available cryptocurrencies
  • It is not possible to buy fiat currencies directly from your wallet.

Verdict: Is Worth Your Money?

If you are looking for a safe method to safeguard your wallet, you should try out It is one of the best websites that integrates advanced security features. It is, no doubt, worth every penny. The criterion incorporated in its transaction methods ensures you not only get to enjoy optimum security for your funds but also enjoy seamless transactions with minimal fees.

Consequently, its registration process is quite easy. All you are required to do is follow the necessary prompts, and you will be good to go. The majority of crypto enthusiasts have tried out and experienced positive results. Try it out, and the success in securing your funds will be inevitable.