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AUD/USD IM Trader EA Review


AUD/USD IM Trader EA is a robot created in March 2020 by the Greek developer Georgios Vergakis. Georgios Vergakis is a prolific creator of automated trading systems with several tools in the MQL market. This EA is fully and exclusively developed to work with the AUDUSD pair, and the tests have shown that only AUDUSD can be traded with minimal risk and minimal reduction. So the EA is optimized for AUDUSD.

This EA works very well during the London session only, “then trades back and 100% bad in late hours, made 400 USD more net profit (including BUY, Sell Signals, Trend Times and Side Price Action)” That would have been $1,142 on a lot. The algorithm is pretty solid and immune to false signals at the moment. If this really withstands the test of time it will develop into a very serious EA. In summary, you can really spot turning points in the market, but you need improvements in identifying clear Sell and Buy signals for all trading hours, and that’s why the developer will make future EA updates for better EA behavior.

In fact, the algorithm can’t give accurate BUY/SELL signals, but it still detects turning points very accurately, so when it works it does very well, and when it starts to fail somehow the BUY/SELL is reversed, and it’s 100% wrong. To solve this, a self-learning algorithm has been sought, the binary function is already correct, and independent of the market price trend, when the signal changes the trend will be reversed.

The goal is to optimize it further if necessary, but it is already cost-effective, keep in mind that the inverse sensitivity default is set at 1.000025, the higher the number the fewer operations will be activated, and the smaller the number the more transactions will be activated. It is usually set from 1 to 1.00004, but the test you see is for 1.00001 and in H1 time frame.

Please set the inverse sensitivity factor to 1.00001 when you try in Table H1, you can try the highest number or the default 1.000025 in smaller deadlines, this remains to be proven, but for now, the EA shows profitability in H1, in inverse sensitivity 1.00001. The stops are set to 135 pips. It is an Intermarket indicator that takes data from many European pairs and USDJPY. So don’t assume that you trade only AUDUSD, it’s just that the movement of AUDUSD depends on the patterns in all those other pairs. In fact, the EA negotiates patterns in EURCHF, USDJPY, and several other pairs. This EA may require a minimum of $2,000 in acc size, and small-batch size to start operating, and is proving to be able to recover accounts blown by other risk strategies.

In conclusion, we are talking about an EA trading at market turning points. As the developer says, although the robot is already profitable right now, it needs improvements because they have detected situations in which it does not work very well. Therefore we recommend waiting for the EA to have all the necessary updates for its optimal functioning, and only then we will evaluate the possibility of buying it.

As with any EA, it is recommended to use a dedicated virtual server or VPS, and in case of not having one, you have to have the computer turned on 24/7 to assume all transactions ordered by the robot. An ECN account of a reliable broker with low spreads and low latency is also required for transactions to be executed in the shortest time possible. Currently, as a very recent tool, there are no reviews of users who have tried the EA and can share their experiences with it. The rental price of Audusd IM Trader EA is 330 USD for one month of use, and 700 USD for 3 months of use, as it is currently not for sale to MQL market users.


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