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Alpha Z Accounts Monitoring EA Review

Alpha Z is an expert consultant that was created in April 2020 by developer Juan Perez Pereira. Alpha Z is not a mere expert advisor. This automated system is the combination of a perfectly combined set of business strategies that complement one goal: diversify and win.

Many business strategies do not always have good results on their own, and often the combination of several of them can become a winning system. Alpha Z implements a set of powerful combined strategies that counteract the reduction periods of each of them. Thanks to this confluence of strategies, the risk is minimized, seeking higher profits continuously with exponential growth of profitability. All this good result is achieved without implementing any toxic and dangerous system like martingale, grid systems, etc.


What You Should Know about Alpha Z

Keep in mind that Alpha Z is not just a trading strategy, it is a number of strategies, and they all work simultaneously and independently. This implies that there may be different open trades at the same time, even in the opposite direction. This is just each of their strategies working independently and, at the same time, they are complementary to each other. All operations will always have Stop Loss and Take Profit, and will be managed by Alpha Z

Alpha Z Recommendations

-The time frame to use with this automated system is H4.

-The best results have been observed with the EUR/USD currency pair.

-As with any EA, the use of a VPS or virtual server is highly recommended. If you do not have VPS, you will need to have your computer on 24/7.

-The broker with whom you have your account must have 5-digit quotes, and the account must be ECN. It is also important that the broker has low latency so that transactions are executed as quickly as possible.

-Stop Loss and Take Profit are always used and automatically placed when a purchase or sale order is executed.

-This strategy does not use toxic strategies, such as Martingale, without scalping, without coverage, or grid systems, etc.

Account management with Alpha Z

Depending on the investor profile of each user, we can make a larger or smaller deposit, according to our risk aversion.

  • In AGGRESSIVE mode, the minimum capital is 100 USD.
  • In NORMAL mode, the minimum capital is 500 USD.
  • In CONSERVATOR mode, the minimum capital is 1000 USD.
  • In ULTRA CONSERVATOR mode, the minimum capital is 2000 USD.

In short, we are talking about an EA of which the developer barely gives us details of how it works. We only know that it combines several strategies and that they all act independently and in a complementary manner.

Despite being a tool that has very little time on the market, it already accumulates several positive reviews from users who are very satisfied with the functioning of Alpha Z. We have not found negative comments.

One of the best options is to download the free demo version to test this EA and see the results it offers for ourselves. In case you want to purchase this robot, its price in the MQL market is 999 USD, an important investment, and that will not be within reach of all pockets. It is also possible to rent it for one month at a price of 80 USD or 6 months for 390 USD.


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