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Akon’s Crypto City: What’s It All About?

Undoubtedly, blockchain technology has revolutionized various industries since its inception. Developers across the world have come up with unique ways to use blockchain in everyday systems such as healthcare and education. Every development opens up the doors for more blockchain uses, and if Akon’s Crypto City is anything to go by, we are yet to fully harness the power of blockchain technology. 

Akon is better known as an American artist, but over recent years, he has been venturing into various business projects. The most famous one, Akon’s Crypto City, is set to take Africa and the world by storm. Blockchain technology is the backbone of this city, which is set to provide more opportunities for young Africans and the Senegalese in particular. Well, the concept of a blockchain-powered city is quite fascinating and crypto enthusiasts have their eyes on Africa’s western coast to see what transpires of this project. 


In this article, we take a deep dive into what Akon’s crypto city is all about and what it has to offer. Read on to find out how the future looks for Africa.

AKon Crypto City Unravelled

Announced in 2018, the lobbying call aspires to create jobs for the young Senegalese majority. Akon’s company of investors believes that Africa needs futuristic technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies to catch up with the developed countries. The project calls for social and economic revolution while precipitating the influx of black American tourists.

Akon City is a futuristic city to be built on a 2,000-acre land that was personally allocated by the Senegalese president. Akon insists the city bought the land from the Senegalese government, but he thanked the president for his cooperation with Akon City and Akon Lighting Africa.

The $6-billion project is a design marvel, and KE International is tasked with developing a real-life “Wakanda.” They seem to have done a great job, and you can pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman by visiting the afro-futuristic city. It’s only a 5-minute drive from the international airport.

The city will use the proposed Akoin currency to run all its systems. The successful implementation of this grand plan could hasten the global adoption of digital currencies. 

Akon City Districts

Like any other jurisdiction, Akon City is subdivided into smaller units for easier administration. These units are called districts and each of the seven of them has some unique traits. 

Here are the seven districts: 

  • African Culture Residential District
  • Education District
  • Entertainment District
  • Health and Safety District
  • Offices and Residential District
  • Technology District
  • Senewood District

African Culture Residential District

Tourism is one of Africa’s most lucrative foreign exchange sources and revenues, and Akon City aspires to increase tourism to Senegal. Africa’s appeal to tourists pivots on its welcoming, rich heritage, diverse and complemented with captivating wildlife resources.

Akon City capitalizes on Africa’s rich heritage, and it swivels the allure with ultra-modern conveniences enjoyed by tourists in their developed nations. In this district, you can enjoy lavish access to a resort and spa.

The spa complements the irresistible allure of this district’s seaside resort. The futuristic African setup is complete with retail stores, a ballroom, hotel, fitness center, night club, restaurant, and an open market with 20 chalets detailing the color branding of 54 African states. 

Education District

Akon City appreciates that no settlement is ever sustainable without education, and this district is a vast park of international and national learning institutions for all ages and academic levels.

Cutting-edge research and scientific studies will propel the residents of the city and Senegalese scholars at large. These institutions are also to advance cultural diversity, preservation, and cross-cultural interactions.

You can expect to access institutions such as Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford in this education-centered district. Also, anticipate unprecedented innovations from Senegalese youth who will enjoy access to a tech park.

Entertainment District

The Entertainment District will attract popular culture, drawing top black actors, athletes, and musical superstars. It will feature a stadium, casino, and sports field to accommodate robust events, shows, and competitions.

Kids and adults can shop for trending fashion and catch up with movies at the cinema. This district integrates with the local environment, interacting exotic cultures with futuristic, lavish conveniences that exceed American opulence.

Health and Safety District

Everyone wants access to the most cutting-edge, science-backed, and consistent healthcare in the world. In the past, prominent African leaders flew to developed European and American states for premium medical treatment. With this district, people from modern nations have a great reason to visit Senegal medical tourism.

Access preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic care in this medical district. The inpatient and outpatient hospital amenities feature smart applications and robotization. Therefore, your healthcare is set up for optimal efficiency. American medical educationists will train Senegalese doctors and nurses, and the hospital has a 10,000-bed capacity.

Offices and Residential District

Akon City endorses luxurious living that’s accented with eco-friendly consumption. The visual designs executed on residential buildings and office parks are boutique. The aesthetics and functionalities of this district are prestigious and befitting of international brands.

The architecture is smart for a convenient, productive impact on users. Access 30 stories on a single residential building when the construction is complete. The office building features dynamic pattern wraps and superior material construction to counter the adverse climatic heat. Users embrace energy efficiency and help conserve the environment. The highlight is Akon City Intelligent Transportation Systems, a smart parking system that makes the two 36-storied office buildings easy to maneuver.

Technology District

The concept seeks to bolster industrialization and innovate research in Senegal, expanding to the vast continent. This district features aligned technology parks to harness the local resources, employing locals to produce export-bound commodities.

This district will host research institutes and help accelerate brands by assisting with:

  • Raising venture capital
  • IT services
  • Decentralized finance
  • Legal, incubated collaboration

 The Techno 2030 complex is 26 stories high, while the Techno 2035 building towers at 23 stories. The other two significant buildings are 23 and 26 stories.

Senewood District

This is where all the glamour and all the drama will unveil. This theatrical district will host the iconic Akon tower and accelerate the Senegalese film industry. It features a media tower, production studios for music and film, and an array of polished, well-connected entertainment experts. The Akon tower will stand 68 stories high, and the media tower will be 31 stories tall.

Akoin Ecosystem

Akoin doubles up as a cryptocurrency and crypto wallet. The ecosystem integrates dApps for DeFi and convenient transactions within the city. By deploying smart contracts like Atomic Swap makes it possible for peer-to-peer transactions to bypass exchanges. It’s a wallet with the Akoin wallet, and it holds more than 300 different cryptocurrencies.

The complex cryptography supports a thriving, decentralized marketplace where investors can enjoy partner acceleration on the go with smart contracts. The Akoin Ecosystem is a lucrative opportunity hub.

Akoin Token

As of 27th January 2021, an Akoin token was worth $0.1463. You can easily purchase Akoin tokens on popular exchanges that feature cross-chain interoperability and do it in a decentralized convenience and security.

Parting Shot

Akon’s main reasons for conceiving, lobbying, and co-founding Akon city was to revamp the Senegalese economy. He believes that his country’s people deserved working opportunities to grow, not handouts.

The popular philanthropist associates with the Black American community, and he believes the United States was not built for Black people. Therefore, he set out to create a haven where oppressed black Americans could go with their skills, social capital, and vitality to invest and grow in promising, non-oppressive atmospheres.

A successful entrepreneur identifies a profitable business gap, and Akon’s proposed plans to solve economic and social problems cost-effectively. The demand there, and he championed investors to fork out a sum of $6 billion towards the lucrative cause.

What are your thoughts on this mega project? How feasible do you think it will be and are you interested in buying Akoin before its value hikes? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. 


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