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Advanced Supply Demand Indicator Review

Advanced Supply Demand is a trading indicator that was added to the mql5 marketplace in February of 2017. It was published by Bernhard Schweigert, who has 12 products in his portfolio. The indicator was last updated to version 3.0 in February of 2020.


This indicator is highly suitable for supply and demand traders because it pinpoints the exact point of entry using underlying algorithms, but it is also suitable for other trading strategies and in combination with other indicators published by the developer. Here are some of the indicator’s highlights.


-Traders will be able to view double timeframes, including both the chart and the higher timeframe through the newest update.

-Works with all products and timeframes.

-A new update will allow traders to choose zone strength functions, which will allow them to tell when the zone is too strong.

-This indicator is compatible with MT4, but an identical version is available for MT5 from the same author.

There are different options for alerts, making it possible for traders to choose when they want to be notified, such as when the price enters the zone or etc.
The indicator graphically shows the strongest supply & demand zones plus how it performed in the past

Service Cost

The indicator can only be rented at a rate of $65 USD for 3 months or $85 for one year. It’s a little disappointing that traders cannot simply buy the indicator outright if desired, especially considering that the costs are a little high. On the bright side, there is a free demo available that could certainly help one to get a feel of the indicator and aid in the decision as to whether the pricing fits.


Advanced Supply Demand is best for supply and demand traders, as one might assume, but it also works well with other trading strategies. The indicator has recently been updated with a new formula and comes with a variety of features and settings while remaining compatible with all timeframes and products. It has received more than 200 comments and 8,000+ have downloaded the demo version. We’ve provided a couple of user comments below:

“This is the most powerful tool I have ever used on MT4! Highly recommend” -Profit_Trader

“Very useful tool. Helps me with the key levels and those alerts are really amazing.” -Costy Tube

Many users also mentioned that support is great and this indicator works in combination with other tools developed by the author quite well. Although it is a bit expensive, the multitude of 5-star reviews and positive comments make us more confident that this indicator does its job well.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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