22. Perks Of Trading The Forex Market



The foreign exchange market is, no doubt, the most popular market in the world. Though it is considered to be a very risky business, it can prove to be the best platform for trading and investing if things are done wisely. People often are in a dilemma to choose between the stock market, commodity market, and the forex market. Hence, it is important to know the benefits each market has to offer. So, in this lesson, we shall discuss some significant benefits the forex market has to offer.

Advantages of Trading Forex

Open 24/5


The forex market is traded throughout the day from Monday to Friday. And this got to be the biggest advantage for the part-time traders. Since there are quite a large number of people who are into 9-5 jobs, the forex market is an excellent option as one can trade anytime during the day. Hence, the forex market is the most flexible market when it comes to timings.

Great Liquidity

The forex market is the largest market in the world. It has a huge volume of orders coming in every single second. With high liquidity, trades are executed as soon as the order is placed. In fact, the forex market has the highest liquidity compared to any other market.

Margin Trading

In forex, the retail traders get the facility to trade with leverage. That is, with leverage trading, a trader can trade with quantities even if they do not possess the required amount. This is a great advantage as it paves the way for the small traders who are willing to participate in the market.

Nominal Commission and Transaction Costs

Another significant benefit to consider about the forex market is that the forex brokers don’t really charge any high fee, such as brokerage fees, exchange fees, or clearing fees. Having said that, they do charge commission, which is in the form of spreads. The bid/ask price, which is often referred to as the transaction cost, is typically around 1% when the market conditions are normal.

The Freedom on Lot Sizes

In forex, the brokers allow trading with as low as 0.001 lots. And traders can choose from 0.01 lots, 0.1 lots and 1 lot. Hence, there are variable lot sizes in this market. But, if you were to consider the futures market, the lot sizes are of one type and are determined by the exchanges.

Free Demo Trading

Demo trading is one of the best features the forex brokers have to offer. And the cherry to the cake is that demo trading accounts are free of cost. Demo trading can be very helpful to both novice and professional traders. Novice traders can use it to get the hang of placing orders and other features in the platform, while professional traders can use them to test the consistency of their strategies. Hence, we can consider demo trading to be a powerful risk-reducing tool.

Facility to Go long and Go Short

In the forex market, there is no directional bias. This is because currencies are traded in pairs. If a trader thinks the base currency would rise in value, they can go long, and if they think it will depreciate in value, they can go short. So, unlike the stock market, a trader need not borrow shares to sell short an instrument. Hence, traders can profit from both rising markets as well as falling markets without any complications.

Hence, these were some of the most significant features and advantages of the forex market. In the coming lesson, let us put up a comparison between different markets and see which market proves to be the best; for now, take the below quiz and see if you have understood this lesson correctly. [wp_quiz id=”48839″]